Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The builder

My wife’s father passed away on Sunday and of course we are dealing with the grief and hurt. With all the emotions at a time like this I think the most fitting thing to do is celebrate his life. He was a man that would take whatever was in front of him and make it better. He was in the construction trade his entire life and even after he supposedly retired he was still working. He never turned down a request for help, be it a remodeling project or just running an errand. Sometimes he would help out whether you wanted him to or not. He was particularly proud of the house he built for his daughter. He took a wreck of a building and shaped it into a lovely home. The first time I met him he sat me down to look at the before and after pictures of the construction, it was truly extraordinary. Whenever we would go around town he would point out the houses he did the masonry work, there were several on every block. As he grew older and his health declined he still ran circles around me. He always had a project going, a reason to get up in the morning and no time to be sick. He is a man I truly admire. I love you Dad and will miss you.

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