Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Kevin Blaum

I got a mailer from Kevin Blaum a few days ago. It was full of information on how to protect yourself from idenity theft. Most of it I already knew about but one thing caught my interest was a web site to remove yourself from pre-approved offers from credit card companies. I went to the site and it was full of ads for everything but I was looking for.

The best consumer information I could get is how to protect my self from legislators who vote themselves an outrageous pay raise in the middle of the night.

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Anonymous said...

I read your article in the sunday paper..very interisting...Your feelings about Hillary were quite clear...your feelings.................Hmm>>also you ego about women running for office..any office...very interisting...where do you get off?who are you to pontificatic about anyone, least of all a women. wow, you ego really came out in that article... anyone can run, as long as it is not a women, or anyone can run..as long as it is no a Clinton, hmmm...why..is it because of the fact that, maybe they can actually balance the budget..or is it because they are the Clinton's...well you got what you wished for and i, for one, a liberal democrat for 38 yrs, probabley will not vote in this election. It was not Obama's turn.. he took her turn away from her, everyone gets a turn... when he ate breakfat at the Glider
diner in Scranton and stated, " just let me eat my breakfast" a then, turned his nose up at the breakfast, in a fast restaurant, oh, well, ho, hum, I have no tolerance for that elitist attitude, so therefore, no vote from me, a loyal active democrat. Good luck to McCain.
a caruso.