Friday, September 09, 2005

Corrections to the Leonardi and Carney coverage

A couple of sharp readers pointed out some omissions from my post yesterday.

As far as Chris Carney a reader noted that The Times Trib did have a piece in the paper on Wednesday about Chris and did have a reporter at the event.

I only checked the web site and should have checked the the hard copy.

I missed a whole lot of coverage of Joe Leonardi. Casey Jones from the Times-Leader did cover the event and interviewed Mr. Leonardi extensively. He was interviewed for the Scranton Times--CitizensVoice (they also sent a photographer to his office to take photos to accompany the story) and the BerwickPress Enterprise. He sat with a reporter from the Times News (carbon county) for about 30 minutes, the event was reported in each 1/2 hour report the entire day and was invited to appear, and did appear, on SueHenry's show the following morning.

Keep me honest people and thanks to the readers who pointed out my mistakes.

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Anonymous said...

Where do these guys stand on more tax cuts?