Saturday, October 01, 2005

Phillies are still alive

What an end to the baseball season. The Red Sox and Yankees are tied after the Sox won 5-3 last night with the Indians a game behind. The Phight'ins took care of business with the Nats and the Cubs beat the Astros to put Philadelphia 1 game behind in the wild card race. We could end up with a couple ties that would have to be settled in one game playoffs Monday.

This is a picture of the Tugger I found at The Tug McGraw Foundation website. As Pope George Ringo keeps reminding us, You gotta believe!

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Anonymous said...

Though His HOliness is not the baseball aficionado that Gort is, I did keep up this season-especially with Philadelphia. As I was so looking forward to watching them play the Astros today-it is not to be. Nevertheless, the Team had a great season and at points even the most knowledgeable fan would not have predicted they would have done this well. Can't wait for next year-and congratulations J Roll!