Sunday, October 02, 2005

Tom Delay and Don Sherwood

Thanks to T-Blog for the image:

"Dennis Hastert decides against his first choice to replace Tom DeLay because he feels that people won't notice the difference. Later, ham sandwiches were served."

From the Washington Post:

A Texas grand jury indicted House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) yesterday on a charge of criminally conspiring with two political associates to inject illegal corporate contributions into 2002 state elections that helped the Republican Party reorder the congressional map in Texas and cement its control of the House in Washington.

Delay's ties to Don Sherwood are documented at Chris Carney for Congress:

Don Sherwood has accepted over $14,800 dollars from Tom DeLay's PAC and during the past year has voted over 95% of the time with the majority leader. Earlier this year, Sherwood voted to weaken House Ethics rules in an effort to protect DeLay’s position as majority leader. (H Res 5, Roll Call #6, 1/4/05)

So Delay raises money illegally then funnels it to rubber stamps like Sherwood who does what he is told. No wonder many times when you are talking about politicians some one will chime in "their all crooks." Add this to the ongoing "stroke'em n' choke'em" lawsuit. The latest is Sherwood wants all records sealed:

Lawyers representing U.S. Rep. Don Sherwood in a $5.5 million assault and battery lawsuit filed by his former mistress are seeking to keep collected evidence and testimony confidential before the suit goes to court, according to documents filed in a Washington, D.C., federal court Friday.

Lawyers for the Tunkhannock Republican argue that the nature of Cynthia Ore's allegations center on "intimate details of the parties' personal lives," information that is generally protected by courts with a confidentiality order.

I interested what "intimate details" Sherwood wants to keep secret. Does he wear womens underwear or dress up as a biker? This might get as juicy as an episode of Desperate Housewives.

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Anonymous said...

It is quite evident that the DeLay indictment will have a wounding but not a fatal impact on the GOP. True, "The Hammer", as he is affectionately known, is out of the spotlight as far as upfront participation in House affairs--but let there be no mistake, he is very much on the sidelines and still possesses his power. Any successor to Tommy can only be viewed as a figurehead whom is taking orders from the boss. His Holiness looks upon the current situation as a paradoxical one; on one hand it was nice to see DeLay called to the woodshed--on the other hand, it is not good for the Dems to lose such an ingrate (come back Newt--all is forgiven!). All my crazy GOP friends are in my prayers.