Monday, October 03, 2005

Baseball playoffs

The Red Sox go to Chicago in the first round. The White Sox had the best record in the AL this year with 99 wins. The Red Sox can pound the ball and they have Matt Clement on the mound. The White Sox almost blew a big lead of 15 games in early August. The Red Sox are hot, the White Sox are not.

The New York Mercanaries have to go to California. The Angels always play the Yankees tough.

The Astros are hot but they have Braves in the first round. Fourteen straight division titles and I'm pulling for them.

The Padres with 82 wins don't even belong in the playoffs but they are in and will get clobbered by the Cards.

It should be fun.


soccermike said...

I guess my friend who loves baseball hasn't been paying attention all that much. The yankees do have a tough match up and if they get by watch out! The White Sox haven't been hot but won the last 3 series and beat a good Cleveland team with basically AAA players. I still give the edge to the Red Sox but they are do for a let down. The Braves and the Astros are interesting, both teams can't score but pitching wins you games, whoever could get to 4 runs first wins the game. Don't count out the Padres, they won the season series against the Cards 5-3 and they know no one is giving them a chance, they have confidence against the Cards. I smell upset, at the very least they make them work for the series, by the way the Cards are 14-13 since Sept. 1st, that does not sound like to strong playoff team down the stretch. Have Fun watching, if the playoffs are like anything the season was it will be great!!

Gort said...

My World Series pick is the Braves vs. Red Sox. As far as the Padres pulling an upset, they just lost game 1.

soccermike said...

The Yanks over the Astro's 4-2, don't worry about the padres they almost came back from 8 runs down. they can hit the Cards bullpen. Only the Padres best pitcher could get hurt celebrating a 1 game over 500 division win, they were 1 game better then Milwaukee.

soccermike said...

Now here is my real issue with the games last night. I have a issue with MLB and the Los Angles Anaheim north of LA county down the street from NBC studios around the corner from Disney Land Angels. Accually their fans, Yesterday in the second inning Colon hit A-Rod in the rid cage. I know it was not on purpose but the fans in LA-LA land decided to cheer when he was hurt. In the 3rd inning a foul ball almost hit a few yankees in the dug out same thing a cheer like someone actually hit the ball straight for them last night. I know they were bored watching the yanks run around the bases but have some class, and do what you do best out their, put some sunglasses on, look good for the camera and hope you get a casting call because you are not New York Yankee fans your the to big to spell out Angel fans know your place.

Now with MlB they really dropped the ball tonight scheduling 3 games and having the Angels and Yanks on at 10:00 pm. NBA uses 2 weeks to play a best out of 5 I think MLB could of used 10 once every other day to play their games. In a year where MLB did everything right to get fans back division and wild card races, match ups at the end of the year they really dropped the ball with the scheduling in the playoffs. So tomorrow 10/6 there is only 1 game on. How exciting is that!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking bleak for the Red Sox. They need another 3 in a row miracle.