Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Local Blogs

We have some local bloggers who are doing some good work. I make a point of linking to all local bloggers no matter what their point of view.

Danny is back and he is all over the Tom Delay situation. Go visit him at:

hints, allegations and things left unsaid

My favorite self declared conservative who declares his mission is to defend America from Liberals is Dr. Rick. Some times I wonder if he gets his talking points from the White House or the RNC. At times his site reads like a transcripe of the Rush Windbag show. But he has some original ideas and it it is fun to argue with him:

The American Check-Up

Bill Fitz was probably the first local blogger to concentrate on local politics and is a sharp guy, even if he can't spell:

My Take

The blogfather of us all is Mark Cour who writes Wilkes-Barre Online. I don't always agree with him but for the most part I think he knows more about what is going on in W-B than any one else:

Wilkes-Barre Online

I know of a few sites in the area that deal with politics but they don't cover Luzerne County. Send me links people.

There a few local sites that are not political that I read.

Michele in Hanover is always amusing:

Michelle's weblog

And Tim in South W-B gives you his take:

Tracks and tapes and thoughts and things

As I said before send me links to all local blogs


Doctor Rick said...

Good post. Why dont you agree w me?

Gort said...

I like your stuff. My main criticism is that you paint with broad brush strokes. Liberal's believe this or the left wants that, etc. People like me who consider themselves somewhat liberal also have some very conservative views. It's not all black and white.

Gort said...
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