Friday, October 14, 2005

Health care

I will start off with this rant I put up on Carney for Congress:

The cost of health care impacts every business large or small. I read recently that almost $10,000 of new American car goes to pay for employee and retiree health care costs. When I was a manager of a small hotel we kept as many positions as possible part time to avoid benefit costs. I now work for a large concern but my premiums and co-pays have gone through the roof. I recently had to deal with a family member who needs long term care and she lost her house to pay for it. This is NUTS! We are the richest country on earth and we can’t figure how to take care of our people. And don’t tell me the government can’t efficiently administer a large health care plan. Medicare spends 3% on administration while most private plans are in the range of 20-25%.

From the TL:

Health insurance costs are estimated to rise 15 percent for Luzerne County government workers in 2006.

Why can't the state and the county employees join forces. The more numbers the better the deal. Mix in the schools and you have great deal.

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