Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Chris Carney for Congress

The Carney campaign is joining in a creative way to reach voters. Instead of the usual blather and glandhanding how about actually helping people out. The details are here:

Democrat Chris Carney, candidate for Congress Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional district, will participate in public service events organized by On October 29, Carney will work in coordination with, local volunteers, and the Meals-on-Wheels Program of the Sunbury-Northumberland Interfaith Council of Churches to support housebound senior citizens in and around Sunbury, PA.

The whole idea is to help housebound seniors with their chores. It might be raking the leaves or going grocery shopping. The candidates should connect with the real problems of people and understand the challenges of everyday life. Most members of Congress are so busy raising money they forget about the problems of the people who sent them there.

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