Sunday, October 02, 2005

Fight nice boys

Things are getting a little hot under the dome of what Party Animals refers to as the people zoo. Skrep and Vondy are irritated that Steve Urban has the gall to question their decisions. Even after they pay a consultant lots of money to tell them what to think . They can't even make personnel decisions without shelling out $200,000 to some so called expert who then hires some local cronies to help with the work.

From the TL:

The Philadelphia consultant handling Luzerne County's employee buyout has hired two familiar faces in county government to work on the project. Wilkes-Barre attorney Peter Moses will be paid $10,000, and CaseCon Capital Inc. will receive $40,000.

Moses, the son of prominent Wilkes-Barre attorney John Moses, works as solicitor of the county prothonotary's office for $9,012 annually.

The one recent decision they made on their own is to give a real estate developer a 10 year tax break on a $100 million project and agree to maintain the business parks roads, boy that's a great deal for the rest of us taxpayers who will pick up the tab. Steve Urban gets mad when they make decissions without his input. I don't believe it's as bad as when Crossin would give him the agenda 10 minutes before he had to vote on something but he is an elected commissioner and should be informed.

Here are few choice quotes from the Times- Leader:

Skrep: You get tired of getting punched in the face over and over again, and I'm going to punch back. If he wants to play the game this way, we'll play.

I pay mine. He doesn't pay his. In my book that's a hypocrite. Do as I say, not as I do.

Vondy: We've endured 20 months of criticism from him. Not proposing, solving or leading - just criticizing. There should always be opposition, dialogue and debate on issues, but that's not what's happening here. It's I hate everything you guys propose and it's not good enough.

He is consistently cowardly, consistently devoid of leadership and consistently on the side of yesterday. He is regressive and more concerned about hate. To just criticize is the easiest thing to do and the least responsible thing to do.

We would all love the luxury to be Monday morning quarterbacks, getting to sit back and take shots and not have to lead and make decisions, He's Steve 'no-fault' Urban.

I love Urbans response:

He recommends that Skrepenak and Vonderheid grow thicker skins, saying he wasn't elected to go with the flow. Urban says majority commissioners are frustrated because they don't want to "take any heat."


Anonymous said...

Nobody asked me, but when I first saw the photo that Gort posted of the Commissioners, I mistakenly thought it was the Three Stooges/ but now, come to think of it, His Holiness deems it that there can be two pairs of 3 Stooges. One is a legendary comedy team and the other can be found in the Luzerne County Courthouse. Good Luck Folks!

Anonymous said...

That picture gives me the creeps. I read in the paper they might start to televise their meetings that should be fun.