Thursday, April 19, 2012

Duke from Dallas for State Represenative

 From his Facebook page

Politicians Shouldn't Run Unopposed-
Write-in "Mark Barrett" PA Rep 117th on the Dem Ballot.
Heard on local talk radio, ”Duke from Dallas” will work to protect your Property Values from Natural Gas Corporations that threaten Communities with Heavy Industrial Facilities & Compressor Stations from the Big Government “Act 13” that eliminates traditional “Local Zoning Rights” and quality of life.

Duke tried to get on the primary ballot but got a late start circulating petitions and came up short. He needs at least 300 write-ins to win the Democratic nomination. I'm sure that Republican State Rep  Karen Boback will also mount a write-in effort trying to secure both nominations.


Anonymous said...

Finally... Boback needs to GO!

Anonymous said...

He came up short because it's hard to find enough people who tolerate him. BTW, when I first saw that picture I thought it was a funny "photoshopped" picture but the sad reality set in that it's real.
Yeah, you run Duke. I think you'll finally get to see you're not as popular as you think you are.