Thursday, April 19, 2012

PA-17th CD update

The damage is done.Now Tim Holden wants to play nice.

The past few weeks the Holden campaign has been up on the air saying Matt Cartwright is a rich guy who is bored with his life who gave money to corrupt Judges. Yesterday that blew up in their face.


Anonymous said...

Cartwright for Congress!!!!!!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Your poll on Holden/Cartwright is pretty tight.

How about a prediction??????

Anonymous said...

I never count my chickens, but I would like to see Tim Holden go into retirement. At first, I didn't like him because he was a Wall Street hack and a right-winger... now I don't like him because he's a sleazebag whose campaign will stoop to new low after new low to try to keep him in office.

I was for Cartwright in the beginning because I liked him on the issues, but now I'm for Cartwright because he's holding his head high while that d*****bag Holden is hitting him below the belt in this race, going after his family and even his clients. I want Matt Cartwright in Congress representing Northeast PA at its best. I do NOT want Tim Holden in Congress representing us at our its worst!

Stephen Albert said...

This hammers home the rather dick-ish manner in which Tom Holden has conducted this campaign. Quite the gift to Matt Cartwright.

Anonymous said...

Tim Holden is a garbage politician. I don't understand why all of these big deal democrats are supporting him. I heard rumors that Holden went around promising people jobs and access in exchange for support. What a slimeball.

I also know of more than a few Democratic committeepeople that voted for Cartwright... yet the committee says it was a unanimous vote? Something isnt right there. Tom Shabilla is a frequent sight at Cartwright events and he was one of the top votegetters for PA state committee, Casey Evans is telling his 1,500+ facebook friends to vote for Cartwright and for Vinsko every day, and Jim Bobeck and Ed Brominski are both in Cartwright's camp too, and I know that all of these guys are on that committee.

I don't think we can trust committee mailers, they're obviously not true. Something is very fishy. Could someone please explain this???

Thom Shubilla said...

Yes I am a state Committee member and proudly voted for Matt in an executive committee meeting.

Thom Shubilla

Anonymous said...

What interest would one of the jurors have in attending the press conference? Did this jury member have connections to Cartwright prior to the trial? The attendance of a jury member is questionable to me.