Thursday, April 12, 2012

LWV backs off recording ban

Sort of.

Stilp upset that debate cannot be taped

Misunderstanding over recording 11th District debate cleared up

The League of Women Voters has scheduled a forum with Democratic 11th Congressional District candidates Bill Vinsko and Gene Stilp tonight at Wyoming Seminary in Kingston. At first the league said that no person of any kind will be allowed to record anything in any way during the debate, neither audio or video. They have since backed off that somewhat, saying the ban didn't apply to the media but still applied to the campaigns and members of the audience. I don't know how they intend to enforce that rule in this age of smart phones and hand held recorders

“This is done to ensure the nonpartisan reputation of the league and to protect candidates from any information that is shared at the event from being recorded and used for biased or ‘out of context’ purposes.” Susan Ferentino, president of the League of Women Voters, said.

Sorry, but that explanation doesn't hold water. In past elections candidates have used information from LWV forums to attack their opponents. A video of the event would be useful in rebutting anything "out of context."

Service Electric TV was planning to film the forum but the league told them to buzz off. It's unclear if they have reconsidered that decision.

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Joe Valenti said...

Funny, when I tried to video tape the debate between Mundy, Goldsworthy & Mullen, the LWV emphatically tole me NO!