Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Preperation

This may the best prepared we have been for a storm. I spent the last few hours going up and down the street cleaning the storm drains of leaves and other debris. Checked the sump pumps at our mother's houses and charged every electronic device we own. The portable TV and DVD players can be used as a source of light if we lose power. I bought batteries for the flashlights and radio on Saturday and stocked up adult on beverages. Mrs. G has a big collection of candles if needed. We filled a bunch of buckets with water and have plenty of bottled water to drink.

I also gathered all the coolers we have and filled the freezers with ice.

 I hope it's all for naught but I fear this kind of thing will become more frequent as the earth keeps warming. Looking at getting a generator after the rush subsides.

Wyoming Valley Flood 2011  has been reactivated and is a great resource for the latest information. 


Aggie95 said...

Thanks for link will post as well

Pope George Ringo said...

You are right on target with the global warming. These kind of events will be more familiar to the Northeast from now on.