Friday, October 19, 2012

Video: Tom Marino town hall

This is a video of Congressman Tom  Marino (PA-10) at his recent McDonald's town-hall in Honesdale talking to a voter about the Grover Norquist no-tax pledge and Keystone XL pipeline. He can't handle the voter's questions so he turns to the person filming and starts questioning him asking for ID and then abruptly walks away. Marino says that his no-tax pledge does not lock him in. Apparently he is withdrawing his pledge.

Reminds me of Paul Kanjorski saying  " I’m not going to set myself up for, you know, nuts to hit me with a camera."

There was a story in the Wayne Independent that quotes Marino saying he would be open to a tax increase  but it's not available for some reason.

I want to remind you of what that left wing rag RedState said about Marino in 2010:

Marino, a former US Attorney, has his own shady dealings which will make for good campaign fodder in the general.
During Marino’s tenure as US Attorney, local businessman Louis DeNaples was under investigation by the US Attorney’s Office for his ties to William D’Elia, head of the Bufalino crime family. It seems DeNaples lied about his relationship with D’Elia to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board when applying for a licence for the Mount Airy Casino. Listed as a personal reference on that same application was none other than US Attorney Tom Marino, the very man running the office investigating DeNaples’ organized crime ties.
The Department of Justice got wind of the conflict of interest and ordered Marino off the investigation, and shortly after the media broke the story he resigned his post… and went to work for Louis DeNaples. (The charges were eventually dropped when DeNaples agreed to place the casino project in the name of a family member.)
The reality is just as bad as–if not worse than–the optics of this scandal. Do we really want someone like Marino representing the GOP in what will be a battleground district this fall....

This is not the first time Marino has been testy when being filmed. Love the Foster Grants.

Tom Marino yelled at this guy

Not only was I offended by Tom Marino's questioning if I had a job or if I was on welfare, I am offended by his campaign manager's response and the lies that were told about the event. Tom Marino's words regarding veterans has been offensive. His words regarding Carney hiding behind his wife's illness is offensive as someone who's mother dealt with cancer.

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