Sunday, October 21, 2012

Youth in Politics dinner

A big congratulations to Bob Zaruta and Jen Rinehimer along with the rest of the Young Republicans of Luzerne County for putting together such a successful event. Getting such a big crowd for a YR gathering  in a historically Democratic County is a credit to their hard work.

Many moons ago I was an officer in the Young Democrats of Luzerne County and I'm a big supporter of both the YR's and YD's. They are our future leaders. Everybody involved in political campaigns think they are the grand strategist like David Axlerod or Karl Rove but first you have to understand the nuts and bolts of a campaign like making the phone calls and knocking on doors. Young Dems and Reps are the training ground.

Now for commentary on the event with a minimum of snark.

Bob Zaruta took on the "myth" that young people are all Obama liberals. The old joke is there is no such thing as a young Republican because they are all born middle aged.

Luz County YR Prez Bob Zaruta

The best part of the night was th PJ Stebbins award. PJ was a regular commenter on Gort42 and many other places even announcing his run for State Rep on this site. PJ was the hard working foot soldier for many campaigns that all political types can learn from. Aaron Kaufer  received the plaque from Suzie Stebbins.

Aaron Kaufer and Suzie Stebbins

The Young Republican of the year baton was passed from Tarah Toohil to Stefanie Salavantis. I asked Toohil some questions and it was interesting what she didn't say or deny. Read between the lines. More on that later. A reporter asked me a few days ago for the name of her campaign manager and didn't know. She told me tonight she doesn't have one. Bad move.

Feel free to add this pic to your binder of women.

Tarah Toolhill and Stefanie Salaventis

I can't make the LWV forum with Aaron Kaufer and Phyllis Mundy at Wyoming Sem on Tuesday because Mrs G. would rather to see the Aussie Pink Floyd Show at the Kirby that night. I recruited John Lombardo to be the Special Gort42 correspondent that night. He has been a regular contributor to and has made his English teachers proud. He is a an articulate young man.

John Lombardo and Sara Czernaikowski

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Joe Peters said something about being on TV.

Gort42 and Joe Peters

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