Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tarah Toohil Pizza Party Video

This video dropped into my inbox a few days ago but I decide not to post it and be accused of being an irresponsible blogger. Now it shows up on the Times Leader , WILK and other media outlets so I missed a scoop. I actually saw the pictures a few months ago but didn't think much of them. The video is being shopped around by the same person that left comments on a post I did in May accusing Toohil of having an inappropriate relationship with another House member that I deleted because I didn't think what she did in her personal life was anybody's business. Of course I saved those comments.

Some speculation on my FB page: Her disgruntled ex-boyfriend promised to blackmail her as part of his continued mistreatment of her and women in general. Those pictures mean absolutely nothing in this election. The person attacking her is a House member. And women should rise up against the way he wants to treat women.

More in the comments on YouTube.  It's just a matter of time before we figure out who posted this video and I have a good idea who it is.

Here is the video with the bong, bag of weed and the close proximity of lips:

Her response:

 Good for her .

The Luzerne County Democratic Party and her opponent deny having anything to do with this

Herself had this reaction on PoliticsPA:

“Dear Young People of Pennsylvania:

I’ll admit that some years ago I smoked marijuana. I did not get caught. But I’ve since decided that it’s not cool, and I think that if YOU get caught, you should still face criminal charges. Sorry, as we say in NEPA, dem’s da breaks suckers.

Also, if a marriage equality bill ever comes up for a vote before the legislature, of which I am now an esteemed member, I will of course follow the orders of my socially conservative male Republican leaders and vote against it, because I think it is right for society to deny full civil rights to same sex couples in committed relationships; also, the idea of two women enjoying each other’s company in a committed monogamous relationship is offensive to me as a traditional, family values oriented practicing Catholic and frankly grosses me out, but hey, if you want to tie one on and sloppily make out with another chick in a drunken stupor, that’s just fine. Nothing wrong with that at all, it happens, ya know?”

What a hypocritical disgrace of a woman


Anonymous said...

So, let me see if I follow.

She sat around a kitchen table with her friends, ordered a pizza, and smoked a little pot, and seemed to enjoy themselves in a completely consensual way, in the privacy of someone's home, where no one was injured or got hurt?

I fail to see how she did anything wrong.

Stephen Albert said...


If the worst you can say about Ms Toohil is that she smoked Pot and "kissed a girl and liked it" then she has nothing to worry about.

Criticize her on her policy positions and votes, not on whatever she did as a college student.

Think about it: if any of us were to be solely judged by our indiscretions as young adults, then no one would be qualified for elected office.

Move on...

Anonymous said...

The previous commenter is absolutely correct. Toohil was right to apologize, her opponent and the Democratic Party were right to say that this attack was wretched. A rare display of civility in politics!

In 10 years, maybe less, with Facebook and Twitter and the former Myspace, all of the available candidates for office will, inevitably, have done something in their youth that would be scandalous today. I predict that smoking pot and kissing girls (or guys, let's not kid ourselves)won't be an issue partly because the young people don't think they're wrong by nature and also partly because everyone would have done it themselves one time or another in their past.

Those that have NEVER smoked pot or stole a same-sex kiss or listened to angry music or done anything that might be, and I use this word loosely, "questionable", and still believe such things are wrong will be the new right-wing fringe in about a decade. But their number will be few and they will be thought of as archaic and ridiculous, just like the smart people think they are today.

Anonymous said...

The funniest part of the video is the quesitoning of her conservative values. She was a democrat back in the day... and this seems pretty much in line with those values.

Big Dan said...

I have a far worse problem with her than this video, her voting record:

Tarah Toohil voted FOR disenfranchizing LEGAL VOTERS - HB 934, costing taxpayers $11 MILLION DOLLARS to try and ram an unconstitutional law down our throats.

Tarah Toohil voted FOR fracking on OUR Pennsylvania childrens' college campuses. - SB 367.

Tarah Toohil was an ORIGINAL SPONSOR of the Pa. bill which would MANDATE THE GOVERNMENT TO FORCIBLY PERFORM AN INVASIVE VAGINAL ULTRASOUND on women considering an abortion , the "anti big government" gang wants big government to force invasive vaginal ultrasounds!


Tarah Toohil opposes access to medical marijuana and decriminalization of marijuana

McGruff said...

Uhh "Herself had this reaction"??? Who is "Herself"? Certainly the poster as Sabrina McLaughlin is NOT Tarah as you suggest. If you click on Sabrina McLaughlin it goes to an Asian page. You should make that very clear in your post.

Anonymous said...

I love the hot pictures of the girls kissing! I would vote for her any day.....