Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I like this guy

He comes across as a Barry Goldwater conservative. Hold up your hand and say stop. I probably would not vote for him but I respect his views. He is not trying to shove religion down your throat as many Republicans are set on doing. A long time ago I voted for Peg Luisik for Governor. She did well, if I remember she got abou13 % against Singel and Ridge. Her issue was abortion but she had a good grasp of everything else that was going on in the state government. The thing that sold me was she was on with Fred Williams one day and she made more sense than any politician I have ever heard. We missed our chance; she would have been a great Governor.

Jim Panyard says he is clear-eyed about the state of affairs in Pennsylvania and the country, and he doesn't like what he sees."The answer to each and every problem is more money and more programs," said Panyard, who retired yesterday as president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association."And never are the programs eliminated. You got to have somebody put the brakes on. I think government's role is to preserve and protect, not to control and confiscate."

Thanks to Grassroots for the info.

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