Sunday, August 28, 2005

Pay raise

For six Pennsylvania senators, the Legislature's decision to circumvent the state constitution and allow members to cash in early on a big pay raise will mean an extra $100,000 or more in their pockets.

How does it feel to be raped? Fortunately I have not had that experience. What is going on is the financial equivalent. These people (I'm really trying to avoid bad language, but it is hard.) raised their salaries by 20 to 50 thousand dollars. I think every member from Luzerne County voted for the increase. They cut Medicaid and borrowed millions more for the Growing Greener ballot question. I usaully vote for challengers and this will make it easier.


Anonymous said...

I am thnking about having a Harass a legialture thon either hosted my Luzeren YCOP or the King's College politics society

Anonymous said...

Let us not blame the politicians; they only did what we would do---come on, if you had the opportunity to increase your salary would you not??? The real fault here lies with the people, because they are apathetic; and our dear politicians know this. Only when the people get off their fat and vote will this issue be addressed properly. Unfortunately, this would probably interfere with their quality time spent watching sitcoms or reality shows.

Anonymous said...

I must agree that if I had the opportunity to vote myself a raise I would do it. That's why the majority of businesses don't work that way. At least when it comes to the little guys. However, we know the ceo's and soforth graciously increase their salaries or give themselves hefty bonuses. I feel, though, that everyone who voted for these wonderful politicians should make the decision if they have done a good enough job to get a raise. I'm sure most of us would have turned them down. I guess that's why it was done so secretly.