Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Skrep is out

From the CV:

Greg Skrepenak has opted not to tackle a run for Congress, but hasn't ruled it out as a possible goal down the road.The Luzerne County commissioner chairman, who previously considered going after the seat of U.S. Rep Don Sherwood in the 10th Congressional District, wrote to the national Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Tuesday that he changed his mind.

It seems my friend Bill Fitz efforts at Stop Skrep paid off. I' sure the Chris Carney campaign looks on this as good news. I'm not so sure. A contested primary would help increase the name recognition of the eventual winner. As long as they did not tear each other apart and focused on bashing Sherwood it would have been a plus. I know the down side is they would have to spend money that they would rather use in the general election. A primary would show that people think Sherwood is vulnerable and want to take him on. I haven't seen any polling on Sherwood lately but his negatives have to be up there.

Local blogger Dr. Rick over at The American Check-Up talks about Skrep's Blind Ambition. Sure he is ambitious and should be. Most people I know that are interested in politics would love to be President. I always worry about the politician that wants to be a councilman forever and not move up. If you aspire to higher office you need to keep your nose clean and do a good job in the one you have. Unfortunately Skrep and Vondy have not done a good job.

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