Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"I will not be a sacrificial lamb"

So declared Joe Leonardi as he announced his intention to challenge Paul Kanjorski for the 11th Congressional District. He spoke to a crowd of about 70 friends, family and supporters at the Convention Hall in Pittston Wednesday night. The event was attended by a few high profile local Republicans such as Prothonatary candidate Carolee Medico-Olenginski, W-B Area school board nominee Lynn Evans and activist Christine Katsock. Also attending were state committeeman Bill Lewis and county Young Republican chairman Ben Tilly. Plymouth council candidate Shelley Davis also said hello. It was disappointing none of the local media attended. But the alternative media was there. Myself and Bill Fitzpatrick of My Take covered the event.

He started by lamenting the fact that too many young people leave the area because of a lack of good opportunities. And later outlined a plan to contact 100 businesses in his first hundred days in office to show them the attractions of the area and try to convince them to set up shop here.

He then recounted the fact that he is a son of an immigrant and feels illegal immigration is a serious threat to the country. He touched on a few subjects that are not a direct responsibility of a Congressman such as setting up regional police forces and finding a better way to fund education.

Of course he took a few swipes. He was very adamant that the proposed inflatable dam is a bad idea and to make things happen you have to do more than believe.

He closed with a pledge on ethics. He promised never to hire a relative or steer a federal contract to a family member. He also vowed transparency, pledging to be open to the media and having regular town hall meetings.

He is just getting started and needs to add some detail to his positions. It was interesting what he didn't talk about. He never mentioned abortion, gay marriage or any other hot button social issue.

But we all know it all comes down to money. Kanjorski can raise $2 million dollars if needed. I talked with him after the speech and he said he had only talked with the NRCC once. If he can raise a decent amount of money such as $100,000 in the next quarter they may take notice of him.

Good luck Joe.


Anonymous said...

What a shame that the local media ignored the event. GUess the powers that be at our newspapers/tv stations don't believe that we are interested in congressional politics. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Although I am a rabid Democrat; personally I believe that it might be so bad a deal if certain Democrats were defeated by Moderate Republicans. The GOP is presently infested with far right religious ideologues, while the great truly conservative Republicans of the past such as Sen. Simpson and Sen. Baker are now pretty much ignored by the party they helped build during the Reagan era {Sen. Goldwater, also}. It would be of a great benefit to both parties if moderation prevailed over the partisan fever that is now rampant. The majority of our country is moderate and therefore is not represented by either political party at the present time.

Anonymous said...

It's great that we have a GOP candidate in the 11th. Maybe he can use Kanjo's nephew's water jet technology to blast him out of office.

Anonymous said...

"He promised never to hire a relative or steer a federal contract to a family member"

Is this even possible in Northeast PA?

Anonymous said...

I guess thats what people do when they have alot of free time on their hands. You know, there was a reason that 70 people showed up and no media. The only thing I can say about this is, I hope the guy has a good bankruptcy lawyer. Thats about the only thing he will accomplish in this campaign.

Face it, the last election the very well organized campaign of Barletta couldn't put a dent in Kanjorski and his family is all mobbed up.

I guess this guy just wants his 15 minutes of fame; only problem is he is going to get about 8 minutes if he is lucky, based on first impressions.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Carney is slowly making headway. You can now contribute on his website: