Thursday, June 19, 2008

Barletta's 1st ad

Don't look for it on TV. Lou Barletta doesn't have a whole lot of money relative to Congressman Paul Kanjorski's campaign ($185K to $2M) so he answers with a YouTube ad.

Esperé hasta el final del discurso para darle la única razón por la que estoy corriendo para el Congreso.

Lou Barletta: "El cambio está en camino!"


Anonymous said...

Don't sell him short; You Tube defeated George Allen in Virginia and more likely propelled Obama to the nomination.

Tony Thomas said...

I like his ad more than Kanjo'.

Now if he could only clarify his positions on anything but illegal immigration...

Anonymous said...

this guy is an idiot... his first line is how polls mean nothing... wasn't his campaign that first released polling data?

NEPAConservative said...

It will show up on every blog and every forum on the net. I will make sure of that.

One down, 999,999,999 to go.
Thanks Gort !

NEPAConservative said...

Hey "Anonymous" he's taking a cue from your boy Obama. Hope, Change and Leadership. So why does it work for Obama and not lou ?

Don't be a dope.

Lou 2008 !!!

Anonymous said...


Go to Youtube. Barletta posted several videos on the issues. As far as Money goes Romney spent $7 million in Iowa and lost to Huckabee who only spent $1.4 million. According to Rick Santorum spent $28 million and Bob Casey spent $17 million on their day in the ring. We all know that Casey won. Here's the link

Kanjorski should have retired. He is incapable of governing, he is incapable of thinking, and he is incapable of telling the truth. He can't change Washington because it already changed him. Gasoline was $2.44 a gallon when Nancy Pelosi and crew took over in 2006 with an announcment that they had the answer to the energy crisis. Nice job Nancy and Paul on working that out. Ohhh hmmm..Subprime crisis during their takeover too.

Go Lou Go!