Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good news Penn State fans

And the whole Big Ten.

Via I’ve Made a Huge Tiny Mistake

Comcast, Big Ten reach pay-TV deal

The nation’s biggest cable company and the Big Ten Network reached a deal today that will put the new college sports channel in millions of Comcast Corp. homes in Pennsylvania and other states.

The Big Ten Network will launch on the Comcast network on Aug. 15, in time for the Penn State football season.

Last year 3 PSU games were on The Big Ten Network forcing me to abandon the comfort of my recliner to seek out a watering hole with a dish package that carried them. As luck would have it the one place that I've found that had the games was Big Ugly's in Wilkes-Barre which is owned by Luzerne County Commissioner Greg Skrepenak's dad. I didn't run into Skrep on those Saturday's because he was probably home watching Michigan on ABC.

Now the question is will I need a box to tune them in?

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Coal Region Voice said...

Anytime two big companies argue, the consumer loses. Unfortunately, if the Big Ten Network is successfull in the long run, a true playoff system will be harder to achieve among the Big Schools. Let's see if I have this correctly play the AFC/NFC championship game in mid January, take about a month in half off and play the Super Bowl over Easter. Sounds like a winner!