Friday, June 27, 2008

Dan Meuser

I got an email yesterday from Dan Meuser inviting me to have lunch with John McCain when he visits Wilkes-Barre on July 23rd. It didn't say where or what time but said seating was limited to 200 people for the low price of $250. I hope to get a press pass to the event.
The mouthpiece for the NRCC, Ken Spain, was on a local radio show yesterday spouting the usual half truths and distortions about Paul Kanjorski and Chris Carney that went unchallenged by the host.
He also praised Dan Meuser for running a good campaign then said something about the 10th CD race that was news to me . I'm paraphrasing;
The day after the primary Dan Meuser reached out to Chris Hackett and offered him his support.

As far as I know Dan Meuser has not endorsed Hackett. Did I miss something? What can you tell me Eric, Mark, David, Kar, Zen, Bob, Scott, RW, Sassy, Chris and Dan.


Anonymous said...

Meuser and the bulk of his supporters are classic sore losers. None of them have an iota of class.

As far as Corbett not challenging Ken Spain's 1/2 truths --- he is on the Barletta bandwagon. Lou sent him food and calls into his show so Steve will end up supporting him. He is ticked at both Kanjo and Carney for not having any balls to go on his show.

Anonymous said...

Dan Meuser is, was, and always be a class act. I'm sure he will do what his conscience dictates, and what he belives to be in the best intersts of the republican party.

I, on the other hand, have no compunction about my decision to be an active non-supporter of Chris Hackett.

As much as I respect Dan, I would not support Hackett under any circumstances, even if Dan himself asked me to do so.

I will continue to encourage true republicans to "write in" Dan's name in November, and wait for 2010and another opportunity to support Dan against Chris Carney.


David Yonki said...

Gort: No invite from the Danner for this blogger. Must think I'm a Dem or something!

Anonymous said...

Rumor on WILK is that Hackett didnt even get an invite because the Republicans hate him so much. I met a Republican for Carney who said he thinks there are more GOPers for Carney but they are just silent. Hackett is relying on his base but he is wrong to do so. They are secretly voting Hackett.

NEPAExpat said...

Remember, when all was said and done, Dan Meuser eliminated the competition except for the only one who could beat him head to head. If and when (most likely) he'll Dan Meuser will run again, he'll understand that you don't necessarily need 50% to win a primary with 3+ candidates. Hopefully next time he won't throw good money after bad with the horrible advice he received.

Problem is he'll have to realize that the current economic talking points within the Republican party promoted unethical behavior and ironically may sink the family business once Medicare blows to pieces within the next decade.

On a more humorous note, has anyone caught the footage of the Verne Troyer sex tape? Can anyone confirm or deny use of his Pride Power Chair as a physical "aide"?

Maybe Dan Meuser could have gotten more positive publicity getting his spokesperson Ed McMahon out of foreclosure.

Anonymous said...

Word in WB is that Carney was seen at a local establishment with some R's and formar Meuser supporters. They said some will be quietly supporting Carney and others will not be so quiet.

Anonymous said...

So, Gort what will they be dishing out? Cream of wheat or oat bran muffins??
Now, really I hope you get your press pass and ask some of your great questions, you do a better job then those who actually get paid to do the "stuff" you do so well.

~sassy Fox