Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Libertarians make the cut

It looks like the local Libertarian state house candidates have enough signatures to spare to get on the November ballot and survive any challenges.

14th District Senate candidate Betsy Summers needed 1063 and got 2279. Brian Bergman's goal in the 119th State House District was 389 signatures and he too filed almost twice the minimum with 625. Tim Mullen's number just blew me away. Mullen has been working hard going door to door on the west side needing 436 signatures and was able to convince 2279 of his neighbors to sign his petitions. Remember that the Democratic and Republican state house candidates only need 300 signatures to get on the primary ballot. Signatures don't necessarily translate into votes but the Lib's have to be happy with these results and the Republican candidates should be worried. I doubt they will mount a challenge to the petitions but anything is possible. The local GOP's best signature challenger in the past, Liz Sichler, has other worries.

Links to candidate websites.

Senate 14

Steve Urban (R)

John Yudichak (D)

Betsy Summers (L)

State Rep 120th

Phyllis Mundy (D) incumbent

Bill Goldsworthy (R)

Tim Mullen (L)

State Rep 119th

Rick Arnold (R)

Gerald Mullery (D)

Brian Bergman (L)

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