Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pashinski on gas drilling

Last month I asked PA 121st District State Rep Eddie Day Pashinski about the proposed gas drilling in Plains Twp.

His response:

Thank you for your message related to the proposed gas drilling in Plains Township. I too have grave concerns about the entire operation and I am engaged in conversations with a wide variety of people who are involved and active with this issue. I have gone on record to support a temporary moratorium on all gas drilling in Pennsylvania until we can provide the necessary safeguards and regulations for this industry. I believe we must proceed cautiously and adroitly to provide an atmosphere to create jobs and economic development, without sacrificing our natural resources, our pure water and our lifestyles. Over time I will be talking with several Plains Officials to better understand the situation and determine the appropriate action. I thank you once again for actively participating in the democratic process and I encourage you to continue to uphold your responsibility as an American citizen by exercising your right to speak.


Eddie Day Pashinski

State Representative

121st Legislative District

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