Monday, December 31, 2012

A Major Award

Tiffany Cloud is the hostess of Storm Politics on WYLN in Hazelton which has become one of my favorite public affairs programs on TV. She also wrote the great book Sleeping with Dog Tags . The thing about Tiffany is that she welcomes all comers and has a great discussion with people she disagrees with that doesn't turn into a talking head shouting match like you see on the cable news channels.

In the latest episode she handed out the Lightening Bolt Awards. Cloud, Storm, Lightening the weather metaphors are endless. May I suggest the Snow Job Awards for next year.

The winner is  Yasue Bengali, a Japanese immigrant to the US who recently became a citizen and explains how great this county is as only an immigrant could.

The honorable mentions of other people who have appeared on her show is a mix of Democratic and Republican office holders plus those that will be elected in the future or never at all.

Some Bolts went out to Aaron Kaufer, Matt Cartwright, Tarah Toohil, Stefanie Salavantis and Lou Barletta.Young Republicans Bob Zaruta and Jen Rinehamer and Young Dem Thom Shibula along with the happiest man I know, Casey Evans.

In December of last year I was her guest on Storm Politics and David Yonki has also been on the program and we came in 9th. I think she gives us too much credit for the election results but I'll take it. To answer her question of why anyone would push the liberal agenda in these economic times is simple. Austerity doesn't work. You don't cut spending when the economy is down and if anything the government's goal should be to get the unemployment rate down to 4%. The US government is borrowing money right now at a negative interest rate when you factor in inflation. Borrow more and put people to work! She said the conservatives are being outsmarted by these 2 lovers of the left. Hah!

The highlight of this clip is at the 2 minute mark.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, Dr. Jen Rinehimer gets a "Light Bolt" for her letter to the editor? "We don’t want the taxpayers to pay our school loans.". I have a question for Dr. Rinehimer...How much money did you take from the government in loans/grants to put you through school? Clearly another hypocrite the Republican party does not need.

Anonymous said...

Like the clips closer to the end when we get to see side shot of Tiffany's leg. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Matt Cartwright, Tom Shubilla and Casey Evans are left wing socialists and one is homosexual. Hardly award material.

Anonymous said...

Gee, the things you see whne you're running short on silly string!

Markie in Nord, er, Markie in Parsons

Aggie95 said...

well i agree with your comments on Cartwright and Shubilla ... Casey is a raging left wing gay male but not a bad guy ..... made a point to meet him at the County fair ....* SHRUG * ....agree with him on nothing but he ain't nuts

Anonymous said...

Dear Aggie - Thank you. I agree with you on very little, but I like you a great deal. Politics will always be politics, but civility and friendship are values I hope everyone can get on board with. Hope to see you at Blogfest this year!

To 4:14 - Your comments are too ridiculous for me to acknowledge with a serious response, so instead, I'll quote my favorite comedienne, Catherine Tate by asking you one very, very important question: "Am I bothered?.... Am I bothered, though?"* ;)

Have a great day and happy new year,

Casey Evans

PS - Yep, I'm gay. A shocker, I know...