Saturday, December 15, 2012

Breaking News: DA will not remove Dixon from Plymouth Council

In a letter to Attorney Jim Haggerty Luzerne  County District Attorney Stefanie Salavanits said she will not seek the removal of Bill Dixon from Plymouth Borough Council.

The letter states in part:

"Obviously, since it has been confirmed to my office that Mr. Dixon has been pardoned as described herein by Governor Corbett, we have determined that it would be imprudent for this office to pursue Mr. Dixon's removal from his elected position as member of the Plymouth Borough Council via Quo Warranto action.

Preliminarily, I note that in cases where a citizen was duly elected by the electorate (rather than appointed), it has been the policy of this office not to interfere with the will of the voters. We presume the voters make a knowing and informed choice in choosing their representative and therefore, it is not the intent of this office to be used as a political pawn by those unhappy with the candidate's victory, nor to supersede the voters' choice by unseating an elected official thereby. "

More on this to come.

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Satan's Toaster said...

"Coslett said even if Dixon is pardoned in Pennsylvania, the federal drug charge still precludes him from holding office. Pennsylvania law is clear on that, he said." Seems the D.A.s office dosnt understand the law, but that is expected when you have a on the job training D.A. maybe its budget should be cut some more since they don't want to work on this case.,229320

Norton The Blogger said...

Cheers to Stephanie Salavantis for exercising her discretion in a wise and judicious manner. We need more people like Bill Dixon in local government, or for that matter, state and national government.

Salavantis took the time to consider this matter and used her discretion. She found a way to make the right decision

Dixon is the perfect example of redemption and rehabilitation. 35 years ago, Dixon was a young and foolish individual who made some very bad decisions.

Today, that young man has evolved into a gentleman of unquestioned character. Perhaps Mayor Jim Haggerty said it best in an interview when he said of Dixon, "any town should be proud to have a Bill Dixon on their council."