Monday, December 10, 2012

Who's running for Governor?

Reading the tea leaves of  PoliticsPA reporting of the Pennsylvania Society meetup in New York this past weekend it looks like about 37 people are floating the the idea of running for Governor of Pennsylvania. Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor said he was thinking of primary challenge to Tom Corbett. He is the only Republican name thrown out there so far other than the usual cranks.

Democrat John Hanger has already declared that he is the race .Bob Casey and Allyson Schwartz are not. Former Congresswoman Kathy Dahlkemper and  PA State Senator Mike Stack said they are looking at the race. PA Treasurer Rob McCord will will be a candidate and possibly Joe Sestak and Patrick Murphy. More to come.

A couple events caught my eye.

On Saturday :

Congressman Lou Barletta’s Holiday Reception
2:00pm – 5:00pm
O’Neill’s Irish Bar
729 3rd Avenue
RSVP Required

I wasn't invited and that makes me sad. I'm the biggest non supporter of Lou in these parts who actually likes the guy. I'll buy him dinner at Dominick's Cafe.

The rumor is that the Mean Old Man  andAnonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA made it to this gathering.

 Anonymous 5th Annual Bolshevik Dinner
The Russian Vodka Room
By invitation only

The best roundup of the PA Society weekend came from my 2nd favorite state legislator (Phyllis is still in the lead) Daylin Leach.

PA Society Chronicles – 2012


= I’m running for Governor, but not of Pennsylvania.
= I’m running for Congress.
= I’m running for the Bundestag.
= Pat Toomey has asked me to be his Vice-Senator.
= Governor Corbett calls me his ‘little minx’”.
= I once shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.
= My CIA nick-name is “Danger Hunk”.



Anonymous said...

A few profound thoughts:

Daylin Leach is the perfect Senator, and he would be a great President of Pennsylvania. His CIA nickname really is Danger Hunk, though I'm under sworn secrecy so I must never reveal why. It's a sordid tale, both macabre and scintillating with just a dash of adventure.

Does the OPA in Professor Cleaburn's handle stand for Obviously Paralogistic Asshat? It fits him rather well, I'd wager.

Rob McCord is moderate to the point of boredom; the standardbearer of mediocrity. He'll be our next governor, even though it SHOULD be Admiral Sestak. The Democratic Party of Pennsylvania is not a risk-taking bunch, and they put forward centrist candidates - and when those centrist candidates win, they're suddenly surprised that Pennsylvania isn't more progressive. The Democrats are going to retake the governor's mansion in 14, but it's up to them who gets to sit behind the desk, and I keep holding out hope that it won't be some milquetoast, wishy washy moderate, that takes no chances on anything that might upset the current apple cart too quickly. Alas, I believe my hope is in vain.

Governor McCord? Eh.. Not my first choice, but I can live with it.

In other news, Lou Barletta is still pretending he cares about people, mostly by holding parties with people dumb enough to believe that he does!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sen. Leach