Friday, December 14, 2012

Casino money for the Woodlands

The good news in this TL story for the people in my little burgh of Plains Township is that our property taxes will not go up. The question is why aren't they being reduced as promised.
Being the host community of the Mohegan Sun Casino Plains get's a cut off the top for putting up with the place to cover extra police costs, etc. We have seen some benefits such as reduced garbage fees and more roads paved.

Rapid Edward (Gov Rendell) sold Casino gambling as a way of reducing school property taxes but only half the revenue goes to to that worthy goal. There is another pot of money for the health, safety and economic development projects in those counties where the casinos are located.

 In the past the Plains Twp Board of Commissioners have kicked backed a million dollars a year to the Casino to pave the parking lot that is located on top of the old East Side Landfill neglecting other needs such as purchasing a new ladder truck for the fire department. Kevin Blaum documented that a few years ago. Such nonsense, we are supposed to make money off the place not subsidize it.

Sure enough, there was an application on DCED’s list for $5 million, half the amount available, to remove garbage from Mohegan Sun land to enlarge its parking lot. Obviously Mohegan is capable of paying for its own paving and garbage removal. Yet this project survived DCED’s initial cut (an official act) while many projects in other communities did not.
It’s important to note that a casino may not apply for this money. If it did, it would be laughed out of town. ...To end-run this prohibition, the application was submitted by none other than Plains Township (an official act). This application, if approved, would return $5 million to Mohegan Sun at the expense of other municipalities that need these funds.
Why would anyone do such a thing? Follow the money.

Now they are at it again.

The township is serving as sponsor for expansion projects for the Woodlands Inn & Resort and Geisinger Wyoming Valley. Board President Ron Filippini described the government sponsorship of the grant applications for private entities as economic measures intended to spur job creation.

That's it, no details of what the projects are or how many jobs they are going to create. How do you measure this? It sounds like more corporate welfare.

Giving money to the Woodlands ???? Really?

The Woodlands is a kids bar that keeps our police very busy defeating the purpose of having this extra money. How many stabbings , shootings, acts of vandalism and other displays of beer muscles have there been over the years? The place is in the police blotter all the time. Similar incidents at other establishments in other parts of the Wyoming Valley have resulted in the places being shut down as nuisance bars.


C. Bellas said...

economic development for the Woodlands by Mr. Filippini is a joke. Isn't he suppose to and the rest of the board members suppose to represent all the small businesses in Plains Twp. What happens when Mohegan Sun finishes their grand hotel and entertainment center, which is already under construction. What will happen to the economic monies Mr Filippni whar a waste. Think about who you and the board of commissioners are suppose to reprent. Yes, some roads fixed up, a bridge, lower garbage fees. What is planned for Plains Twp. taxpayers and remember who elected you. The taxpayers of Plains Twp. want a fair deal. Economic times are do not need to invest in a business that will go nowhere once the Casino is finished. Smaller businesses in Plains Twp. could profit from this economic plan of yours.
Plains Twp.Taxpayer

Stephen Albert said...

More coalbilly mentality at work. This area has a history of turning a blind eye whenever those in it public or private...want to exercise discretion in theft. I really think it's a part of the cultural landscape here in NEPA. People don't question, in part, because I secretly think the dream that one day they will be entitled to a piece of the action.

Great post Gort...we need more like this.