Sunday, December 16, 2012

It won't snow this winter

No, not because of Global Warming but because I got a new snow blower. Mrs. G bought me a new machine for XMAS and Santa delivered it early. My friends tell me that by buying it I have inoculated us  against blizzards this year and  I hope they are right. Last year there was very little snow and maybe we will lucky 2 years in a row. If not, I'm prepared.

My pal Zen and the salesman  tell me that this beast will actually throw slush. I hope they are right since I live on a corner and get plowed in all the time. It's an old  joke but I swear the plows lurk around the corner until I'm finished clearing the snow then push it back onto my sidewalk.

My trusty assistant blessed it by lifting his leg. I look forward to throwing the snow 40 feet to bury him while he is barking at me.


Aggie95 said...

he has the same goofy look my Lab does

Zen said...

Just be careful when aiming the chute. I bombed the neighbor across the street's house with mine the first time I used it. You will be amazed how far it throws!!

Pope George Ringo said...

"It won't snow this Winter" From your mouth to God's ears.