Friday, February 02, 2007

The big bucks

The Supreme Court ruled a few years ago that money equals free speech (Buckley v. Valeo). Some people have a louder voice than others.

Pennsylvania has very few restrictions on the amounts that can be given to a candidate for any office. A story today in the TL by Jennifer Learn-Andes spells it out:

Big money for Skrep, Dem mate to end ’06

Some of the names that gave big bucks to the incumbent Commissioners Greg Skrepenak and Todd Vonderheid (the Bond Brothers) jumped out at me:

Developer Robert K. Mericle was the top donor, giving $10,500 to the campaign. Other representatives of his company, Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services, gave another $7,000.

How many times has he asked for a tax break from the county or the school district and local government where his next project is located?

Christopher Hackett, of One Source Staffing Solutions in Wilkes-Barre, $5,000

When the Bond Brothers came up with the Life Transition Plan to give a golden parachute to long time employees to get them to retire many of them were hired back to "ease the transition." They used a temp service. Guess which one.

There are many more examples but you get the idea.

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Yeah, it makes me sick. You could type all day and not post all of the examples.
Have a good weekend.
peace - t.g.