Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Luzerne County Commissioners race-Democrats

It looks like former Controller Steve Flood is in according to a story in the TL. He still has questions about the sweetheart deal involving the juvenile detention center in Pittston that the Bond Brothers committed the county to for the next 20 years. He also smells a rat regarding the proposed cargo airport near Hazleton and he is concerned about the long delayed reassessment saying “We paid $7 million for this, and the values are already two years old.” A look at the county's long term debt will be on his agenda. Somebody with a calculator and some common sense should take a look at pace the county has been borrowing money over the last few years. An audit of the row offices is order after the revelation that at least $200,000 is missing from the Recorder of Deeds office. That's the Controller's or Auditor General's job but they won't do it.

The story also noted that Attorney Ray Hassey will not be a candidate. Fine with me as he is quoted that his biggest worry was the reassessment's impact on the elderly. I got news for you Mr. Hassey, senior citizens aren't the only ones who pay property taxes. My raise this year was less than what Social Security recipients got. I'm sure I'm going to pay much more when this thing is done. Yeah I could go get a 2nd job to pay them but that would eat into my family time just like running for office will interfere with his.

According to the CV the other Democrats interested in running are:

Pittston Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer Greg Gulick.

Dennis Kijek, a Rice Township Democrat who is retired.

Greg Skrepenak is seeking a second term

County Controller Maryanne Petrilla.

Joseph Killinski, a retired Wilkes-Barre resident.

Mario Fiorucci, who ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Sugar Notch as a Green Party candidate in 2005.

Update on the Republican candidates is coming


Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Mario Fiorucci is not going to run for commissioner, but is considering a run for office in Sugar Notch. The State of the World Forum, which Mario hosts every year, is fast approaching, and word also has it that Russ Diamond will be speaking at the event.

Anonymous said...

"State of the World" What a sham! Hosted by a person who doesn't have a dime to his name and is just flat out lazy. The state of Fiorucci's personal world is insanity as everyone in our town of Sugar Notch is aware. If he wants to do something constructive, let him pay his taxes, remodel the dump he lives in, and begin to behave as a responsible citizen instead of a whining malcontent who cries foul when he does not get his way.