Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lackawanna County Commissioners

I usually don't cover the goings on of our neighbors to the north but I received a few emails about the selection of former Penn State kicker Chris Clauss as commissioner Mike Washo's running mate. This one sums it up:

Chris Birk had the wool pulled over his eyes by Mike Washo and Harry McGrath. Chris Clauss is as dirty as they come -- a former Alberigi/Corcoran crony, appointed to the COLTS board by Castellani and Corcoran in 2000, he has a track record of being both disingenious and unconcerned with laws and ethics.

In a brash embrace of hypocrisy, Clauss had the nerve to utter "My honesty, coupled with Mike's experience, we can pull this together and do the right thing for the county.

"Baloney." A political newcomer" and "clean political slate" shall go down in newspaper history with headlines such as the infamous "Dewey Defeats Truman" snafu.

Chris Clauss accepted over $40,000 in illegal health insurance benefits as a member of the COLTS authority.

In fact, as the stories below will show, was the ONLY member to NOT give up the benefits in a timely manner! And, he's an INSURANCE agent! Hahahaha. Boy, the days move by but things just never seem to change! Here's the evidence

COLTS official still receiving free insurance

COLTS Board Rides Taxpayers

COLTS board drops health perk, but most keep free life insurance

COLTS Directors Drop County Fight

Don't Look Toward State Law for Simple Answers

COLTS Board Still Mired in Animosity

COLTS elects Chris Clauss as new leader

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Anonymous said...

Well, they aren't too far north. Goes to show that the morally bankrupt politicians are alive and unfortunately well in every corner of this state.
Good piece/links - I missed that story.
peace - t.g.