Thursday, February 01, 2007

TV for History Nerds

The best history on TV is still done by PBS and the BBC. The History Channel has alot of shows about modern marvels, ghost stories and other nonsense.

I get home from work tonight and surfed into this gem.

The Supreme Court on PBS.


Anonymous said...

The History channel had a great lineup after thier first few years as the Hitler Channel, They had alot of midevil and European history, but not everything is modern marvels or modern Warfare. The show digging for the truth is ok, And ounce or twice a year they will have a good series like one on the barbarians a few years back

Anonymous said...

Here is my offical court breakdown
2 originlaist conservatives
Roberts and thomas
one textualist conservtaive with some NEO Con Tendencies
Alito is somewhere in the middle.
Conservatoive with no real set of principles
Moderate with no principles
Liberal with living constition principles
Liberal with fundamental Rights jurisprudence
liberal with principles i cannot identify but belive he is principled

Anonymous said...

I agree about PBS; Programs such as the American Experience are unmatched by commercial networks. I sussed the History Channel after catching the airing of the history of the toilet/toilet paper.