Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Breaking News

Or not. The Citizens Voice has a story today about Sen. John Edwards visit to Bear Creek that was first reported a week ago on NEPA's Real Deal. Then on Monday the Times-Leader told us about a guy that can't sleep at night because of the demolition of the Hotel Sterling tower. The Luzerne County Liberator had that story on January 31st. In September me and Down With Tyranny posted a copy of Don Sherwood's 9/11 invite that made it into the Times-Tribune 3 days later. I also had the scoop on candidates announcing they were running for this or that office and who wouldn't show up for a debate that made it into the papers a few days later. And I don't know how many times Wilkes-Barre Online has done original reporting that made the papers in another form. I'm sure all the reporters involved will say they had other sources but it makes you wonder. Keep up the good work guys. The local media may not always cite their sources but we do.


Jacq said...

Man, dude, that's a lot of links! You've been busy!

Danny Bauder said...

I live downtown, and I hadn't noticed the noise from the demolition until I was walking on Franklin a few nights ago around midnight. From what I read, it seems like the sleepless fellow lives on the same block as the demolition. I wonder how likely it is for he and his landlord to get some sort of hotel package for this guy. They could make the language of the agreement very specific so that only folks that live in his block could ask for the relief.

As callous as it sounds, progress isn't going to be without it's collateral damage. Unfortunately, this poor guy's God-given right to sleep is being impaired.

Gort said...

Jacq, I'm always happy to link to my blog buddies.