Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Big Ten and Comcast not close to a deal

Lafayette Journal & Courier

When the Big Ten Network makes its debut Aug. 30, Comcast cable customers could be in the dark because the new network and the cable corporation are at an impasse in negotiations. "I can tell you, if Comcast is agreeable to putting it in basic carriage, we can sit down behind closed doors and negotiate a deal with them,” Big Ten Network president Mark Silverman said Monday.“If they're adamant about (the BTN) only being on a sports tier, then we're in a stalemate."We have told them if they're willing to talk about being on expanded basic we can sit down and get this thing going. And they have said, as of last week, publicly, it's sports tier or nothing."

The college football season is coming up fast and it looks like 3 Penn State games may be out of reach for the average fan unless one of the local broadcast stations makes a deal to carry them. Another argument over money between 2 giant corporations and we get screwed. Yes people, the Big Ten Conference is a big corporation that has always been a collection of football/basketball factories and now has it's own TV network. Now tell me why the players shouldn't be paid?

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