Sunday, July 01, 2007

Phargon Phils

Coming into this weekend the Phillies were 3 games out of first and at the end of it they're 5 back after dropping 3 out of 4 to the Mets. The bright spot is Kyle "unbeatable" Kendrick. 4 starts and 4 wins for the Phils. His ERA is high at 4.38 but he has pitched well enough to give his team a chance.
Chase Utley will be the only Phillie starting the All-star game with pitcher Cole Hamels with 9 wins making the squad. Aaron Rowand is having a career year and he will be there. Good for our guys.
I can't argue with the All-Star teams except that Gregg Maddox wasn't picked.


Unknown said...

how can u not argue with Ryan Howard being on there he is the former MVP and has 20 Hrs with over 50 rbis. he is better then lee and young. Also young beat somke girl HE SHOULD NOT BE AN ALL STAR This is a crime against humanity.
there is always a conspiracy against Philly sports Allen iverson not maiking team USA in 2008 when he was the only guy willing to play for his nation in 2004(i bet since he left the 76ers he will be put on now) dont get me started on the con job by the NFL against the Eagles in the playoffs, The NFL wanted the Saints who will suck this year win becuase they felt sorry for the pople who are stupid enpough to reelect the mayor of Choclate town

Gort said...

Ryan was "hurt" for a good part of the early season. But I agree he is a star and should be in the game.

Anonymous said...

if there were ohnly 3 1st basemen then it would be cool, but there are 4 and Young is a no no