Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fun with telemarketers

I just got a call from the Knowledge Network wanting my opinion on something or other. We had a bad connection and I thought the young man was asking my opinion of meat. I replied that I thought most of our meat is tainted so I don't eat it. He then said he wanted my opinion about the media, not meat, particularly TV and radio. I told him that I don't plan to eat my TV anytime in the future. He seemed confused by that answer. After a few minutes of back and forth he hung up on me. Oh well.

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David Yonki said...

We are on the do not call list. But once in a while, one or two will slip in. I basically launch into the lyrics of that 1940s song "THe Hut Set" song, "hutsetralston on the rillerah" or Paul Simon's "Red Rubber Ball". I worked for a company that trained its overseas operators in popular American lingo so that the recipients of the calls would think it was their fellow countrymen making a buck. They aren't trained for this. They usually pause and hang up. Mrs. LuLac says they most likely think I'm cursing at them. All the better.