Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rumors and gossip

I sit here in my little corner of Luzerne County and throw out some speculation and it gets all kinds of attention. If any of it's wrong I will post a correction, after all I don't want to violate any of Bernie's ethics rules.

My previous post about Joe Peters running in the 10th CD was picked up by Stanley at Keystone Politics in KP's Delegation '08 Blog but LVDem is not impressed by him noting that he got creamed in his AG run. The Yonk thinks he will cruise to victory but I doubt that my friend. 2008 is going to be another big year for the Democrats. His biggest fan is Bill Fitz who considers himself the kiss of death in these sort of things. He also posted it at PAWaterCooler.com which is hottest new PA website according to the Politico. Christopher Hackett, of One Source Staffing Solutions, has also been mentioned as the "true conservative" considering a run. But after the Mueser brothers catching flak about giving to Democrats his $5000 donation to Luzerne County Democratic Commissioner Greg Skrepnak will need to be explained. But just like Pride Mobility, One Source has to pay to play.

In the 11th CD it seems that Scranton Times columnist Chris Kelly reads Gort42 and cites my Chris Doherty post -without attribution: While supporters decried Judge Munley’s decision as a bitter defeat, it was the best possible outcome for Mayor Fife (Barletta), who some fans have dubbed “St. Lou.” His enhanced martyrdom will be invaluable next year when he’s running against Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty for the congressional seat now occupied by Rep. Paul Kanjorksi. GrassrootsPA points out a story of the the chairman of National Republican Congressional Committee knocking down Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta's door to get him to run against Kanjo. Lou is so coy. Another rally in support of Lou's law is planned for Nanticoke this Sunday. And just to add to the fire:

I drove past Senunas' Bar in W-B yesterday afternoon ...and spotted John Yudichak having a drink with Jim and Evie McNulty. I have a tendency to read into things, but I know Big Jim has done work for him in the past, and he's up for re-election next year ... but why meet at a bar that's not in his district or near South Scranton, where McNulty lives and has his office. Yudichak has always had ambitions to run for higher office, and I wonder if he's thinking about running for ether state senate against Musto or congress against Kanjo. It would be really interesting (and good for Kanjo) if both Doherty and Yudichak ran.


Anonymous said...

These "republicans" kill me. While Leonardi was out there working his butt off against Kanjo with no money, Mueser was giving cash to the sitting Democrat. Hackett has given money to Skrep, that will go over good with the Republicans in Luzerne county. And now Madeira is going to go work for him? I thought Mr. Madeira was looking for a true conservative. So he picked a guy who helped finance a tax and spender like Skrep against fellow republicans, including one Steve Urban in particular and Urban was one of the few elected Republicans to come out for Madera in his primary run. Since Hackett likes to dole out the cash, how much is Madeira's support worth?

What ever happened to ideology? If anyone ever wonders what is wrong with the local republican party they shouldn't anymore.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Gort, too late. Five points deducted .

Danny Bauder said...

depeche mode was a good choice. is this in germany?

Gort said...

It was in Germany. Since the host is not speaking English it can't be played in Hazleton.

LVDem said...

Make no mistake, Peter's will be in better position than Sherwood was. But I still think the guy prove a rather poor candidate in 2004. That should be noted. The GOP lost the seat in 2006 b/c it put out a candidate with serious baggage. They would probably give up the seat for the next 10 years if Peter's botches this one like he did his 2004 race.