Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rumors of corruption and Lokuta tries to save her robes

Court filing: Lokuta will testify on ‘apparent’ federal probe

Luzerne County Judge Ann H. Lokuta is volunteering to testify about her participation in an “apparent” federal investigation related to the county courthouse, according to a document filed Friday in the judge’s misconduct case.

The document outlines the reasons why Lokuta plans to call 70 witnesses in her case, but does not divulge the focus of the “apparent” investigation or what division of county government, if any, may be involved.

The rumor of a FBI probe into the doings of the Luzerne County Judges have been rampant for some time. Some of it is just crazy with reports of 30 agents hanging around the courthouse like that many strange faces wouldn't be noticed. There are even stories of people wearing wires talking to our local Solomons hoping to get the goods on them. There is supposed to be a Grand Jury empaneled that will soon return indictments for influence peddling and outright bribery.

We will see.


Anonymous said...

Let them go after the JUdges who do bench trials and then grant huge settlements. Connahan awards Mike Butera $800,000 for a seperated shoulder. Bench trial. Ciaverrla awards Tommy Josepgh 1.1 million in a bench trial. What's their cut? Let the investigators look into those bench trials. And Annie, if the boys don't like your hairdo oer hygene, take them down. At least you never enriched yourself on the bench.

Anonymous said...

The judges in Luzerne county are so corrupt. They make sure when a fellow judge screws up, they let innocent workers get fired and lose everything. They don't care what happens to anyone but themselves. If the judges kid messes up, fire the people who do there jobs, not the ones who do the cover-up. When that same judge signs a document, and admits to reading it and signing it, charge the workers who asked him to look at a two sentence, straight foward question, and make him look like hes senial when he testifies. Then see him remember everyones name and talk as if he has the mind of a 20 year old when he is done testifying. There a bunch of dirtbags and I hope they all pay for there sins.

Anonymous said...

to all the people who think they are untouchable, be careful... judge lokuta will probably only get a slap on the wrist.. thats all she deserves..former staffers will stop at nothing to enrich themselves with other judges, mainly the "former" president judge. as far as going back to 92, why did these people not come forward sooner? as lawyers, they had an ethical obligation to do so.. i question their ethical standards, not judge lokuta's.

Anonymous said...

I read these comments and I laugh at how ignorant and misinformed most people are concerning the law in Luzerne County. Anonymous #1, you make it sound like that large settlements occur only in the courts of Luzerne County. Tell me, do you ever manage to get your hands on a newspaper or the remote for a TV, or are you still trying to find your way out of that dark, dim cave you've obviously been hiding in all of these years? Have you ever managed to witness at least one trial in any courtroom or has the thought of having to interpret and comprehend the "big words" that the people in the courtroom say frighten you? Large settlements occur in courtrooms all over the nation and usually its over the most ridiculous matters. And please, before you accuse other judges of corruption and bribery, at least have the decency to have evidence to support such a claim.

Anonymous #2, Slick's your name right? I wish I can say the same about your logistical skills. Interesting bit of rambling you've had going on about the corruption within the the county. Although I do have some questions...just who exactly is it that you are babbling on about and when did such instances of corruption ever occur? I'm beginning to think that its Lokuta who's writing in these bitter blogs to gain more support for her defense. The sad truth is that this tactic may work because the average American really never bothers to find out wthe real facts. So, Shlep #2, until you can actually find some actual "sins" on these "dirtbag" judges, I'd advise you to actually do something much more productive...maybe like finding a nickname that better suits you. To be honest, schmuck seems rather fitting, don't you agree?

And anonymous #3, the naive one. To think that bringing Lokuta to trial back in '92 is a rather humorous thought. Given the audacity of Lokuta's behavior, it would have been unthinkable at that time that a judge, the county's first female judge mind you, would be committing such unprofessional activities. Think about it, how many other times over the course of history has there been a case as unique as Lokuta's? Rare right? To remove any judge takes a lot of time, effort, and evidence. Don't be fooled into thinking that this was a sudden ploy concocted by Lokuta's opponents. In taking down a judge, one must proceed with extreme caution, because if they screw up, the judge can get away and never be tried again. And what a shame that would be, since we all know that Lokuta is guilty as hell.

So please dear in-bred bloggers, respond whenever you can...I can use the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Heh, I wonder what the idiot who wrote the last post four years ago is thinking now that both of his "heroes" have been convicted of taking over $2 million in bribes. It sounds laughable to read such stupidity, albeit seen in hindsight, from someone definitely covering the judges' asses.