Saturday, June 28, 2008

Carney and Hackett respond to FEC v. Davis

The Supreme Court ruled in FEC v. Davis that the "millionaire's amendment" of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law was unconstitutional saying it violated free-speech protections.

In my last post on this subject I asked both Chris Carney and Chris Hackett to comment on the decision.

From Congressman Carney:

"I come from a background with a strong sense of service. It has carried me through the Navy and it compelled me to run for Congress. For me, being a Member of Congress is about doing what is right, working hard and being accountable. This race has never been about who is personally wealthy and who is not, but about who understands how hard it can be to afford health care, take care of an aging parent, and find a good-paying job in tough times like these."

Spokesman Mark Harris for the Hackett camp:

"Most of the recent laws passed by Congress under the guise of "campaign finance reform" are really aimed at restricting free speech in the cause of incumbent protection. Washington politicians certainly don't like when ordinary citizens are permitted to criticize their actions. The Supreme Court's decision was the right one, consistent with the bedrock First Amendment principle of political free speech. As for our campaign, Chris has made no decisions yet about the extent of personal funds we'll use, and that option is very much on the table. The Court ruling will have no bearing on our decision in this regard."


Anonymous said...

"Washington politicians certainly don't like when ordinary citizens are permitted to criticize their actions"

Is Mark Harris trying to convince us that Hackett is an "ordinary citizen" Please! The only sacrifice Hackett will have to make due to the bad economy is decide which BMW gets the best gas mileage.

Anonymous said...

wow atleast careny could have been more indirect, Do you agree or disagree,

Anonymous said...

Gort, do you know the Hackett real net worth? Scranton Times couldn't even make a guess.