Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Health Care Rally on Public Square

PR: This notice is posted to advise of the June 19, day of protest against the health insurance companies. Pennsylvania seems to be the state with the most activity for the rallies. There are events scheduled for Wilkes-Barre, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Lancaster.
In Pennsylvania we are using the day to promote the PA Single Payer legislation, HR 1660 and SB 300. If passed this legislation would create a single payer system in Pennsylvania and put Blue Cross, and all health insurance companies, out of business.

In Wilkes-Barre we are having a rally and a press conference, and we are marching to our local Blue Cross office to protest. We have strong support from the PA Association of Staff Nurses, Wyoming Valley Labor Council, the Pennsylvania Council of Churches, and the Luzerne County Green Party. This is a profound opportunity for Pennsylvania to fix health care properly.

The W-B event will take place at noon on the 19th on Public Square.

More info at NEPA Organizing Center

The Pennsylvania Progressive has the details of rallies that are scheduled all over the state:

Health Care Rallies June 19th


NEPAConservative said...

Hannity's America had a great piece on Americas Health care. It's the best in the world why would anyone want to change it. He pointed out how the 47 million uninsured are people rotating on and off health care plans and some don't apply for Medicare. Hospitals can't turn you away. On Mikey Moores Sicko film he showed the REAL footage of Cubas health care (secret cam) broken beds, smashed windows, fly's covering the patients. How Frances socialized medical program is 15 billion in debt and how Canada's wait period for tests and operations is astronomical. We will loose quality when we go socialized !!!

Coal Region Voice said...

I will agree it is the best system in the world if you get past the gatekeeper. I have been through the medical systems with a major illness. Call it luck, but I was able to get in the entrance. Hospitals can't turn you away, but how long can they write someone off? Insurance companies have not given us such great innovations as the copay, deductible and prexisting condition. Don't look for the answer from them while they are building a med school in the Northeast and a Hospital in Hershey. They have forgotten the idea is spread the risk. SB300 won't get out of committee with insurance lapdog Don White at the helm. I found that out first hand attending a Senate hearing on May 13 on SB246.

Anonymous said...

As for the gatekeeper, I guess it depends on your insurance. I've also had a major illness (kidney failure/transplant), and have had absolutely no problems with insurance (and was never on Medicare).

I also work as a RN, and know from experience that if you develop a major/catastrophic illness, you will in all likelihood have it covered by Medicaid (and I have no problem with that).

Our current system isn't ideal (nothing is ideal), but it's better than anywhere else.