Tuesday, September 07, 2010

2nd District Dems to meet tonight

Time Today · 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Location Lakeside Skillet
Pole 279 Harvey's Lake, Pennsylvania 18618

The September meeting will involve endorsement votes on candidates and ballot issues, as well as caffienated beverages! Note: Only elected committee members may vote on issues at the meeting, however, in the interest of open and transparent government, any Democrat from the 2nd District may come to view the proceedings and participate in the discussions.

2nd District Democratic Committee of Luzerne County

117th District candidate Richard Shermanski is an officer in this outfit and he recently sent me a press release supporting Kanjo's latest big idea:

Yesterday Richard Shermanski, Democratic Candidate of the 117th District, attended Congressman Kanjorski’s press conference on having Conyngham Township the location for a federal training facility. Over the last four years job growth in the 117th Legislative District has been, literally, at a stand still. For this reason Richard was very excited to hear about this project and its potential to bring in nearly 1,000 jobs to NEPA.

“I fully support Congressman Kanjorski on this project and I believe it will bring much needed growth to the area.”

However, Hazleton Mayor, Lou Barletta, opposes the plan claiming it will disrupt the residents of the area with bomb blasts and machine gun fire. Richard finds these claims “Unfounded”
“Having studied the maps of the area and seeing where the facility will be built I see no reason to think any training will be a nuisance to the residents.”

Although nothing is set in stone with the construction of the facility, Richard will make it a point to support its construction in his campaign throughout the area.

“I am committed to fully supporting this training facility’s construction and I look forward to informing the residents of my district of what it will bring to our area.”

Then another one:

Cooperation between state and federal governments is very important, and that’s why Richard is standing with Congressman Paul Kanjorski in his push to bring a training facility for the U.S. Department of State and the General Services Administration to Luzerne County. Congressman Kanjorski is working with Federal leaders to make sure that the property is one of the top choices for the facility, which will be used to train diplomatic security personnel.

The area stands to gain around one thousand jobs if the facility comes to Luzerne County. As a local leader, Richard will join Congressman Kanjorski in his efforts to bring the facility to Northeastern Pennsylvania.

“There’s no doubt that this election year is all about jobs. I know my neighbors are concerned about the future of the district, and this facility will bring long-term, stable employment to the region. That’s why I think that a partnership with Congressman Kanjorski is essential.” The proposed site is in Conyngham Township, on land managed by the Earth Conservancy. Local laws and leaders will be instrumental in the final decision-making progress, which is why Richard is eager to help pave the way. "Anything we can do to make this site more appealing to the agencies involved, we must do," Richard said.

The potential benefits to the district are numerous, according to a statement released by Congressman Kanjorski’s office. The statement reads “The training facility would bring up to 1,000 permanent jobs to the area, plus between 350-550 construction jobs just for the initial phase of the project. DoS would need to hire many new jobs at the facility for buildings and grounds, range operations, emergency medical services, administrative, custodial, vehicle maintenance, security, telecommunications, and food service.

The training facility would bring about 10,000 trainees to the area each year which would greatly benefit small businesses, hotels, and restaurants as they would receive an exponential increase in business. Currently, DoS books about 25,000 hotel rooms each year for existing training programs. …”

Richard added, “In a time when we’re worried about what workplace will collapse because of the dangerous economic policies that Representative Boback has overseen during her time in the State House, it’s imperative that we push for opportunities like these to ensure that local neighbors and families can thrive in our communities.”

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