Thursday, September 16, 2010

President Obama backs Kanjo

This just showed up in my inbox:

Paul Kanjorski for Congress

In just 20 months, this movement has accomplished a tremendous amount.

But we couldn't have done it without the Democrats in Congress who were willing to take a stand and fight for policies that would move America forward.

And with so much still left to be done, and too many families struggling to get by, we need to keep America moving forward -- which means I need you to support Paul Kanjorski for Congress.

Just like in 2008, you can make the difference this year.

You can go door to door to ask folks to support Paul. You can make calls to voters in your area, and make sure they get to the polls. And you can spread the word about the importance of voting for Paul Kanjorski to your family, friends, and neighbors.

Click here to join Paul's campaign.

With so much at stake right now, we cannot afford to let up -- for one minute or one election.

With your help we developed our Vote 2010 strategy -- and with your help, we'll make sure to send Paul Kanjorski to Washington to fight for you and your district, Pennsylvania's 11th.

If Republicans win in November, their agenda is simple: take us backward to the failed policies of the last decade.

They would seek to repeal all the work we've done, and try to stop us from doing more.

They'll fight to repeal health insurance reform that is ensuring a family with a sick child doesn't worry about an insurance company denying them care when they need it most.

They'll do everything they can to repeal Wall Street reform that puts you, the consumer, first and prevents big banks from irresponsibly gambling with our savings ever again.

And they'll work to block our efforts to jump-start a clean-energy economy, reform our broken immigration system, and get more Americans back to work.

We cannot let that happen, and that's why we all need to fight to get Paul Kanjorski to Washington, to keep America -- and Pennsylvania -- moving forward:

Sign up to show your support for Paul:

Thank you,

President Barack Obama


Anonymous said...

well who did you think he was gonna back? Barletta?

Anonymous said...

...ah, there it is at last. The official "kiss of death" endorsement. Buh-Bye, Kanjo...

Anonymous said...

Ed Mitchell Came out and said that Kanjorski and Obama has the same morals and opinions. Really is that what North East PA needs in a congressman?