Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Barletta ad

I like it. Before you all faint because I said something nice about El alcalde Lou Barletta or his campaign let me explain.

I've been watching these things since 1972 and I think I have an idea on what works. This one works because Lou is looking right into the camera and states his case. Very few politicians can do that without "coming across as shifty eyed"- to steal a line from the movie The Candidate

I certainly disagree with his assertion that we will never get out of this mess while Paul Kanjorski is still in office. We are in this mess because the actions of the previous administration with the help of a Republican Congress that cut taxes more than they should have and couldn't say no to a new spending program or fund the wars. They ignored the laws of this country regarding the regulation of Wall Street, Oil and Gas Companies, Agriculture and many other industries.

They never cut spending and will not in the future despite what they say.

Do you really want to go back to that?


Anonymous said...

That is a damn fine commercial. Kanjo's desperation is showing this year...not looking good for the Kanjo Clan and their meal ticket in DC.

Anonymous said...

It seems like Lou is a wittle cry baby. O Kanjo is picking on me. O Kanjo is talking about what a lousy mayor. O kanjo isn't talking issue. Name one fucking issue in this commercial, except Lou doesn't like to be picked on.. Waaa

Red Lackawanna said...

I think Barletta won Luzerne County last time and lost Lackwanna and Monroe counties.

Barletta's commercial from Deleware Water Gap in Monroe County may show he intends to put a little more effort into winning that county this time.

There have been a lot of foreclosures in Monroe County which isn't going to help Kanjorski.

McGruff said...

My dear dear friend Gort,

Now you wouldn't be talking about funding the Afghanistan war that Obama said we needed to be in would you. that is eating up the present wouldn't be talking about the Community Reinvestment Act that the Democrats pushed for "affordable housing" in reality that was "unaffordable mortgages" that led to the present economic collapse now would you my friend...and for those of you reading this don'think for a moment Gort is not my friend..we disagree on politics but respect each other and will defend that resepct...ok back to the wouldn't be talking about the rise in healthcare premiums due to the healthcare reform Kanjo voted for now would you...okay let me toot your horn...the other side picks on George do I...he failed this country by giving forgetting to never ever forget why this country was founded...for a new direction...John Kennedy said it right..Don't ask what this country can do for you ask what can you do for this country..Entitlement was never the hallmark of the mass immigration that occured in the late 1800's and the early 1900's it was hard work and determination..lets get back to that..not the present system of the expectation of government entitlement..lets move forward of not rewarding those in office because they tell us what they supposidly did for us lets reward them because we already knew it..better yet let there be no reward..remind them that their service is what they beg from us to elect them...let them thank us for the opportunity to do that service and be humble by the experience.

McGruff said...

It is OUR sweat and labor that gives government the money they need. But there is a fine line between what we call government officials and government employees...Employees accomplish the mission defined by government officials..but it is those officials who determine the direction...sometimes they listen to the will of the people..and others they go against it...many times the former is right but sometimes and rarely that latter is correct...regardless of the right or wrong government employees must perform their is that schism of officials vs employees that clouds government's purpose. Unfortunately too it is the power of the employees to sustain the government officials in office...Lost in all of this is the taxpayer who supports both systems...taxing people to sustain government is one thing...taxing people to sustain an inept system is another..It is time to return the government to the people, by the people and for the people...voters are the fourth branch of government..and to that end is how the prevent either party from going to the extreme.

Dr. Prof. Milburn Cleaver, Ed.D said...

First and foremost, let me state that government is the problem. Beginning over seventy years ago when Franklin D. Roosevelt and a maniacally frightened Congress created the Social Security Administration amongst other programs (many struck down, thankfully, by the U.S. Supreme Court). At first, Social Security was an old age pensioners program but as the years passsed it was expanded to cover every Tom Dick and Harry in the stratosphere. FDR's "brother" President, Lyndon Johnson, created the Medicare program (again with a overwhelmed Congress--willing to do anything in the name of the late John Kennedy) in 1965 along with various housing programs and welfare benefits for slackers. In short, Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. JOhnson helped to establish a "entitlement class" in our nation. People who would rather collect a check for watching a game show on Tv and drinking beer as opposed to an honest dollars pay for an honest dollars work.
I can lecture all day, class, on the downward spiral the liberalism has put us on, but I can put it in a nutshell as I am a very busy man.
When a government promises something for nothing, it is quite clear that the cost will come to the door of the working man.
In short, eliminating Social Security (people need to take care of their own retirement needs)and Medicare (live a healthy lifestyle, as an old fogie like myself does and you won't get sick, but save some cash for a rainy day--do not give it to the casinos if you cannot afford to)will put this country back on the road to financial responsibility. Students, I applaud the Tea Party candidates for their honesty on the need to eliminate these wasteful and shameful programs and I toast them!!!
Something to think about this morning.
Class dismissed!!!!

Anonymous said...

Barletta got the balls to talk about financial issues! if he took the time to stop and spend some time in City Hall he might find out that Hazleton is on a melt down spiral!

Against bail outs at the federal level but takes money from a water authority to bail himself out!

Talks about pork projects but takes money from eachus.

He should do just fine in DC< oh thats right,,,,,,,, he cant win! llol

Anonymous said...

Boo Hoo Paul is talking bad about me... boo hoo