Sunday, September 12, 2010

Under attack

My computer has been attacked by the same hackers that did it a few weeks ago. I'm trying to fix it.

It's attacking through Internet Explorer but Firefox still works, these people should be dealt with severely.

I shall be contacting every law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over the internet tomorrow.

Security Suite is the culprit again.

The protection software has been ineffective so far.

Gotta get a MAC

It's in Firefox too.


IE7 is totally shut down as well as my protection software. Firefox is still working with a lot of hiccups but I can't post. Off to the shop tomorrow.

I know that the law is way behind what is going on online and for the most part that is a good thing but there has to be a legal remedy for what this company is doing to me and many other people.


Anonymous said...

Call the AG I'm sure he would want to help out a blogger!

Anonymous said...

This explains how to fix it.

It alters your proxy setting which is why it shuts down browsers. go into internet options > connections tab > LAN settings. Once you get there just un-check the box that says use a proxy and it should restore your browsers ability to get on the internet.

I'm with you Gort. If you find out who wrote that virus please post it. Its proven rather difficult to remove from my wife's laptop even when I know how to get rid of it.

By the way, AVG(free anti-virus) did manage to cripple the thing on one of my computers.

Unknown said...

I love my MAC.

Anonymous said...

George Bush's fault

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