Saturday, September 01, 2007

Chris Hackett for Congress

He is the owner of OneSource Staffing Solutions and a resident of Shavertown which is an area we call the back mountain that until the last gerrymandering wasn't even in the 10th Congressional District. His press release announcing that he is candidate for the Republican nomination has some red meat for for conservative voters.
Campaign to Focus on Lower Taxes, Job Creation, Cutting Government Waste, Ending Illegal Immigration, Strong National Security and PromotingConservative Pro-Life Family Values
It's hard to argue with the first 3, who isn't for lower taxes, creating jobs and eliminating waste but his idea of strong national security sounds like it came right out of the White House: "Congress is talking too much about how to withdraw from a war Islamic extremists are waging against us and our way of life, and not enough about how to win. We cannot afford to back down from this real enemy." So he has bought into Bush's idea of never ending war in the Middle East, not much difference from Carney.
He wants to stop illegal immigration and favors making English the official language, protect gun rights and opposes tolls on I-80.


Anonymous said...

I heard he is make great strides within the distict and seems very approachable.

Also, from all of the attacks against him on this and other blogs, he must have some of the other candidates worried.

Hackett, Peters, Ely, Scott, Meuser - a lot of options for the GOP to chew on.

Gort said...

I want to talk to him.

Anonymous said...

any more info on this guy besides his business, i.e. college, military, other jobs, any gov't experience????

Anonymous said...

Is it justme or does that picture remind you of Peter Jennings?

Anonymous said...

Hackett graduated from Wittenberg University in Ohio. If Gort wants to talk to him I'm sure he knows how to get in contact with him. It seems from previous posts about Hackett, Gort is more aware of Hackett's political power than most.

~ A faithful reader of blogs and other random garbage.

Gort said...

I just need an introduction

Anonymous said...

alot of other blogs including this one have been saying this guy is pro choice- That would be a killer in NEPA? Anybody heard anything on this???

Anonymous said...

Everything I've read in the traditional media shows him as Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-business, Pro-Family values - and given how successfully he has been received by the base in the district, he must be saying these things when he meets with people. Could this be a "whisper campaign"?

I saw a posting some time back stating someone had something Hackett was distributing that stated he was pro-choice - maybe that could be posted to help clarify why this is being said.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gort,
He's in the phonebook just give him a call. Do your own political review with everyone running. That would be helpful for folks just waking up in the Valley.

Anonymous said...

Hackett did distribute something to a friend of mine and I saw it three weeks ago. Under the heading it stated that he thought roe vs. wade was a state rights issue and some other things said everything the pro choice lobby says to not piss off pro lifers- Never did it once say he was pro-life. Then I found out Dave Maderia was working for Hackett. That is why I posted. This guy is flip flopping on this issue because Dave was smart enough to make sure that HAckett is pro life to the community. That is why the main stream press is saying he is pro life. I am very upset at Dave and will never support him again for this. He is now a political whore, who sells his beliefs for the top money. Dave you should be ashamed of yourself, I supported you last time but I will never again. I want somebody who truly believes in this issue not just says he does to get votes. I am trying to get the info and then I will post but I have not been able to get my hands on it again. I will fight against Hackett and support a true pro life candidate like Don Ely. Even if most people will not support him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous . . . you still have not provided any facts - until you do, don't waste our time with your baseless comments. It is possible you are presenting this because you work for Meuser's campaign?

Further, to call anyone a whore without any facts calls into question your objectivity - because again, you presented no facts. . . just your aligations.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I don't understand, Dave Maderia opts not to run, fair enough, given his track record, that's understandable.

Then he latches onto Hackett, whom he apparently feels, is a suitable hand puppet,who only needs to stand there and look pretty, and Dave can supply the answers.

He, Dave, then provides a list of qualities he prefers in a candidate, and guess what? Only Hackett, in Dave's opinion, meets the criteria.

I don't know which is sillier; Joe Peters' fake poll, or Dave's allegedly reasoned, and thoughtful endosement of Hackett.

One thing seems clear though, they both target Meuser, so they must believe he is the man to beat, that's one area where we agree.

P.S., Dave,if you want the seat, have the guts to run for it yourself.

Anonymous said...

I do not have the information in my hand but fair enough I will try to get it and post it. I can only tell you what I saw. This is a blog and in my opinion Dave has sold out (whore was out of line, but I really wished he would have run). I supported him agianst Baker and now he is working for this guy Hackett. I don't know Hackett, I just don't like people that flip flop. Then again maybe Dave did not see this info. Kerry is the person who shows what happens when you don't tell the truth. I know that supporting Don Ely may not be a smart move, but I like him and he stands up and tells the truth and he is close by. Again give me a chance to get the info. I am sure that if my friend has it then others do also. It was a biography piece about Hackett and his past and his views. If anybody else has it or has seen it please see if you can post it. I want the right person running.

Anonymous said...

Flip flop??!! I'm sorry but I hate that term. Hasn't everyone changed ones point of at some point in their life? Isn't that called growing? If you want to read Hackett's bio google him and you should find it easy enough. Times Leader and the Williamsport papers both had information.

Anonymous said...

Here it is...cause I'm nice like that : )

Times Leader Sept 2.

Chris Hackett made it official Thursday: He is a candidate for the Republican nomination in the 10th Congressional District.

The 44-year-old Shavertown businessman said he mailed the required forms to the Federal Election Commission in Washington, D.C.

“I’m in,” Hackett said. “I have spent several months deliberating this decision and what effect it would have on my family. I have come to the conclusion that the positives far outweigh the negatives and I look forward to the campaign.”

Hackett joins Don Ely of Northumberland in the race for the GOP nomination. Ely is a retired school teacher and minister.

The seat is held by Democrat Chris Carney of Dimock Township, a freshman legislator. Carney defeated Republican incumbent Don Sherwood last year.

Dan Meuser, president of Pride Mobility Products Corp., hasn’t made up his mind, though Hackett describes Meuser as his main opposition.

“Clearly Dan Meuser is the frontrunner,” Hackett said. “He’s the Washington insider. We’ll just have to see what happens.”

Meuser said he will make an announcement by Sept. 15.

Ken Spain, press secretary for the National Republican Campaign Committee, welcomed Hackett to the race, saying it further underscores the party’s point that Carney is a “bad fit” for the district.

“Whether it’s Chris Hackett, Dan Meuser, or any other candidate that Pennsylvania Republicans decide to nominate, one thing is clear: Chris Carney’s days in Congress are numbered,” Spain said.

Hackett said he would fight for lower taxes, work to secure the borders, oppose amnesty and never vote to give welfare benefits to illegal immigrants. He said he will support the global fight against terrorism and feels Congress should talk less about finding a way to withdraw from a war and concentrate on finding a way to win.

He said he would fight to protect “conservative pro-life, pro-family values,” including the constitutional right to bear arms. He also opposes turning Interstate 80 into a toll road.

Hackett and his wife of 20 years, Ramah, have four daughters. Hackett owns One Source Staffing Solutions, a staffing organization.

Meuser said he has been traveling throughout the district. He was in Lycoming and Wayne counties this week.

“All I can say is that there is going to be a primary where the voters will decide who their candidate will be,” Meuser said. “I have my support and, well, I like the support I have a lot better than anybody else’s.”

Anonymous said...
Here is another one that provides a bit more bio at the end.


Campaign to Focus on Lower Taxes, Job Creation, Cutting Government Waste,
Ending Illegal Immigration, Strong National Security and Promoting
Conservative Pro-Life Family Values

(Shavertown, PA) - Local businessman and community volunteer Chris Hackett,
a conservative Republican who owns OneSource Staffing Solutions, a full
service flexible staffing organization, announced today that he has formed a
committee to challenge Democratic Congressman Chris Carney in Pennsylvania's
10th Congressional District.

"As a business owner who has created hundreds of jobs for families in
Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania, as well as a husband and father, I
know first-hand the challenges we face in creating and growing an energetic
local economy and jobs so our children do not have to move away to build a
better life," Hackett said.

"As your Congressman, I will fight for lower taxes for Pennsylvania's
families and take a stand against the billions of dollars in pork-laden
earmarks that waste our hard earned tax dollars. I will work hard to secure
our borders immediately, oppose amnesty and will never vote to give welfare
benefits to illegal immigrants," Hackett said. "I will support our military
leaders and our soldiers in the field as they continue to wage and win the
global fight against terrorism. Unfortunately, Congress is talking too much
about how to withdraw from a war Islamic extremists are waging against us
and our way of life, and not enough about how to win. We cannot afford to
back down from this real enemy."

"I will always fight to protect our conservative pro-life, pro-family
values, including our guaranteed constitutional right to keep and bear
arms," Hackett continued. He is also totally against turning Route 80 into a
toll-road that will kill hundreds of jobs for our families here at home.

"Chris Carney made many promises to get elected and has let us down - Carney
says one thing to get elected here at home, and does another in support of
his liberal friends in Washington when we aren't looking. For example,
Carney voted for a $400 billion tax increase earlier this year and voted to
make it easier for illegal immigrants to collect taxpayer funded health
benefits. Those kinds of liberal priorities are wrong for Pennsylvania,"
Hackett added.

The Vice-Chairman of the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce and a
former "Entrepreneur of the Year", Hackett said he is often involved in
recruiting new businesses to Pennsylvania. He cited his recent work with
Penn's Northeast in bringing internet retailer Boden to the area. "When it
comes to creating jobs and growing the economy, I have been a hands-on
participant in making it happen," said Hackett.

Hackett has been married 20 years. He and his wife, Ramah, live in
Shavertown with their four girls Alexandra, 16, Madeleine 15, Gabrielle, 12,
and Ruby Mei, 3.

An avid mountain biker and outdoorsman, Hackett has been involved in his
community in a variety of ways over the years, serving as co-chair of the
United Way Tocqueville Campaign with his wife Ramah, obtaining more new
members in the society than anyone in its history. He also serves on or has
served on the boards of Wyoming Seminary, Northeast PA Philharmonic and
Misericordia University. He is a member and past treasurer of Shavertown
United Methodist Church.

Anonymous said...

No doubt about it, Hackett has done a nice job running his Father-in law's business, and it has provided him with many opportunities he may not have had otherwise.

Dan Mueser, on the other hand, has run a large, growing business, that is one of the best success stories in the history of the area.

This business employs over 1,000 people in well paying, full time, permanent positions, with generous benefits.

He is a business leader who is known, and respected, here and in Washington. He is an intelligent energetic, passionate,and articulate conservative.

He is the right person, for all the right reasons.

Anonymous said...

Sassy Fox- you are right that is growing up but I think this guy was saying that he flip flopped within a one month period. That is not growing that is changing your beliefs because you know your position is wrong. If it is proven to be true. We need the proof.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sassy Fox for inserting some truth (facts) into this discussion.

Kar, you keep making unsubstatiated allegations about Hackett and cheerleading Meuser.

Let's concede this...the facts are both are successful businessmen, both are republicans, and both want to be our next congressman. Neither one has a voting record, so we can only go by what they say, and so far they both say they are pro life, anti-tax, etc.

EXCEPT for one thing, Meuser, for "business" reasons, gave alot of money (both personally and through his PAC) to help get democrats like Charlie Rangel elected. (Yes, the same Democrats who put an earmark in the Federal Budget of $2 million to buy a building for Charlie Rangel to have a “well-furnished office,” a “Rangel Library,” and personnel to organize his “photographs and memorabilia;” according to the National Republican Congressional Committee. That's a documented fact, not an allegation.

Does that make Meuser a bad person, not necessarily, but it does put him on the wrong side of those who would like to see Republicans take back the House.

So lets stick with the documented issues, and what Hackett says, not what you are trying to project on him.

goyankees69 said...

Yes, they are both businessmen but one "pays to play" and profits with our taxpaying dollars the other paid for support to benefit people with disabilities so they can receive mobility type devices to better their independence and manage their every day lives!!! Did you ever see that deduction that comes out of our paychecks called the Medicare Deduction. People have been paying into this all their lives and there are always cutbacks with funding. Having support from politicians helps to fight for their rights and that is what their job is all about, support, support, support us americans, fight for our rights, where are our benefits!!!

Anonymous said...


Hackett does a nice job with a business that was in his wife's family...I think that is not in dispute, thus not an allegation.

Hackett donated 5k to the democratic commissioners of Luzerne comuty and received a substantial contract from the county. Coincidence? Payback? You decide.

I haven't heard anyone from Hackett's camp deny either assertion, and documentation of the donation & the contract have appeared on this site. So again, not an allegation.

Whatever Meuser,or his PAC gave to Rangel, it wouldn't pay for a table in the "Rangel Library".

There's an old expression in journalism, "something can be true, but not accurate", you are demonstrating a classic example of that by taking truths and expanding them beyond recognition.

I'm happy to stay with documented issues, let us see if you can do the same.

Anonymous said...


I'm glad you somewhat corrected yourself. Since the business was started not by his father-in-law but his mother-in-law, who started Onesource to help women get back into the work force after having families. Why do you seem to take such offense to Hackett doing a good job with a business he indeed married into? Would you rather he be punished?
Coming from the Valley, I can name on my two hands and two feet many folks who have done the same with either a family they married into or a family they came out of their mother into. Let's just judge the work for what it is, as you yourself said he's done a nice job.

Also, a big thumbs up for dealing with all the Anonymous(s) or is is 's? Anyway it got a giggle.

Anonymous said...


I think Mr or Ms. Flip Flop doesn't even know what the term means, it's just some garbage that was shoved down his/her throat in 2004 and he/she can't give up the mantra.
As for me a flip flop is a shoe worn in the summer or if your from some parts of this great country, a shoe worn with socks.

Anonymous said...

Scott- you are right, we can only go by what they say for now. The reputation and background for both will come out. If all these issues about the pro choice are true then Hackett has a major problem. But let's get the backup info first. Kar does bring up one issue though. Meuser has come out about his donations to Dems but Hackett has not. Come on what is he trying to hide. Now before everybody accuses me of being for one guy or the other. If something does come out like the donations then they need to tell us why. Even I know there has to be a reason just tell us so we can move on. If they do not then I think there is something to hide. Remember we need to beat Carney- nothing to hide because they will find it.

Anonymous said...

Sassy- Sorry that I am using the words but the problem is the same. A candidate comes out and says one thing and portrays themselves as one way and then within a very short time they change their mind and they are something different because somebody told them that their position makes no sense and they will lose.
If you don't like flip flop make up a different word and we will use it. i don't wear socks with my flip flops and that hurts that you would accuse me of doing so. Now my father- black socks with everything.

Anonymous said...

I'm gong to have to call you Mr. Black Socks if you don't give yourself a name! : ) Of course I'll have to shorten it to Mr. BS (and I don't think you'd like that one bit ; )
I think why folks change their tunes (for lack of a better word, give me time and i will think of one) is because anyone running a political race will say whatever they need to, to get the vote from as many people as possible. That is where all political sides, regardless of what their true beliefs will lay their heads to sleep.
I just wish I could find someone who will really say what it is they believe in. Of course it will be a cold day in hell when that happens. But a girl can hold out hope, right?

Anonymous said...

In your posting, you state that because you have posted inaccurate statements about hacket in the past it is now the basis for why they are true - this is silly and I assure you no one is falling for your false arguments. You state that "and documentation of the donation & the contract have appeared on this site. So again, not an allegation." - where. The only item I've seen is the Times Leader stating he made a contribution to Vonderheid - do you know when it was? Do you know when they began work with the county on this $1.2MM contract - do you know if this amount is right? Of course you don't - you're puffing and acting like a know-it-all. You fit a saying my dad had - Often wrong, but never in doubt.

If you have dates and amounts for contracts and contributions which would show a Pay for play - post them. Lay out the facts - let the readers conclude. And don't say you "know" certain things - back it up with documents - ask the county for a copy of the contract and post it.

Just because you post inaccurate information over and over again doesn't make it any more true!

Anonymous said...


May I call you Anon? It's easier than typing put anonymous.

You have me confused, I'm not sure what inaccuracies you are referring to, now I don't believe everything I read in the paper, but absent a call for a retraction, or clarification by Hackett, what is one to think?

The donation is a matter of public record, the contract, I believe, came after the contribution, you connect the dots, or better yet, have someone from Hackett's campaign go on the record explaining the situation, should be simple enough.

Meuser hasn't dodged explaining his contributions, any objective reading of his expanation would put to rest the silly questions about his veracity as a conservative, key word being objective.

Sassy Fox, I'm not begrudging, or degrading Hackett's involvement with his wife's family business, far from it, he's done a nice job, and as I stated earlier, it has afforded him opportunities that he might not have had otherwise.

Glad you got a little chuckle, I like to inject a little humor into the proceedings, seems not everyone appreciates my sense of humor.

Anonymous said...


I always look forward to you wit. Keept it up, it makes the whole thing worth reading : )

Best wishes,
Sassy Fox

ps: I prefer to call Anon Mr. BS, since he hasn't complained so shall it be.

Anonymous said...


It seems you are easliy confused by the facts. Since our descisions should be based on the facts, it's important to look at them...

"The contract, I believe...?" puullllezzze, did it or didn't it? You ask us to connect the dots, all the while to whole picture is there on the Meuser donations to liberal Democrats like Rendell and Rangel. His explanation is, in so many words..."it's just politics"?

That will be a great comfort if Meuser gets to Washington and does what all the other politicians do, and defends himself the same way..."that's a silly question, it's just politics..."

Anonymous said...

Sassy- you are right i would not like to be called BS. I agree with you. I want a person to stand up and say what they believe in and not change because it is politically expedient. i think we are on the same page. Call me No Socks

Anonymous said...

I noticed you've not responded to the scott posting - cat got your tongue? Tough when you don't have facts to back up your "wit".

Anonymous said...

Gort- please re post the information about Hackett and the 1.2 million dollar contract and then a $5,000 donation from Hackett to Dem Gregg Skrepnak. This was on your site before so we can satisfy Kar and Scott. Thanks

Anonymous said...


Not confused by the facts, just your reading of them.

I read accounts detailing a 5k donation from Hackett to the democratic commissioners, additionally I've read that One-Source received a contract to re-cycle former county employees.

The donation, and the contract are a matter of public record, the timing? Well if the donation came before the contract, I'd call it an inducement, if it came after the contract, I'd call it a gratuity, either way something smells.

Scott, I'm going to hazard a guess that you may be in a position to know a lot about this subject, so why don't you, or someone from Hackett's campaign comment on the matter?

Anon, not having difficulty responding to Scott, was away over the week-end, and had no access to computer.

As a final point, there is, as many of you should know, a huge difference between working with others in a particular industry to try to shape legislation, and wholesale contract buying at the local level.

I suggest that you remove your head from the sand, and take a clear look at the situation.

Anonymous said...

Let me start by saying that while you may view the "remove your head from your..." to be a clever, it certainly does nothing to elevate the discussion.

Unfortunately, I am also in no position to comment on Hackett beyond what I have read (much of it thanks to Sassy Fox, love the name BTW).

I have read enough by you to know that you do have something to do with Meuser, and apparently have an ax to grind with Hackett. I look forward to Gort's interview with Hackett (mentioned in another post) and the answers to his questions.

While, as you stated, Meuser has answered questions concerning his sizeable donations to liberal democrats, that can't be the end of it. Because his answers are basically, "that's politics" and to me that's not an acceptable answer. It's like a crimanal who pleads guilty and says "I pled guilty, what more do you want?"

Anonymous said...


My apologies, perhaps my remark wasn't as clever as intended, all in good fun, I assure you.

Now to the question(s) at hand. Yes, I know, like, and respect Dan Meuser, and believe he would make a fine representative for the people of the 10th district.

I have no ax to grind with Hackett, except that I don't think he is in the same league as Meuser, and would have a difficult time beating Carney in 2008.

I don't believe anyone ever said "just politics" regarding Dan's contributions, the explanation, as clearly as I can give it, is contained in my previous response to you.

Apparently you are unwilling, or unable to make the distinction between Hackett's inducement/gratutity, and Mueser's limited involvement, along with others in his industry, with some democrats in order to shape legislation designed to help Americans with disabilities, so be it.

What I find difficult to accept is that you refuse to move past that situation and view Meuser and what he represents.

He is a proven leader, he is conservative, he is energetic, he is passionate, he is articulate, and he is electable.

Oh, and he is a friend to conservatives, just ask Rick Santorum. Meuser worked hard to try to get Rick re-elected, he was generous with his time, and his money.

If money matters so much to you, the fact that Meuser's contributions to republicans were almost 10 times that which was given to democrats should help you conclude that is where Dan's heart closed.

Anonymous said...

Scott- It is clear that you support Hackett and that KAR supports Meuser. One thing though Scott you constantly say that Meusr gave big to Democrats- That is INCORRECT- This has been posted on this blogs and others (Politico) that Meuser gave $130,000 to candidates with 90% going to Dems. It has also been posted that Hackett gave $5,000 to Dems (Skrepnak) and $1,000 to Repbulicans (Baker). Now you tell us he gave to Dem Todd Von Derheid? Your arguments just aren't making any sense. Before you start accusing me of being for amybody, I was for Peters. Now I don't know but I will look at both Meuser and Hackett. The donations don't mean anything to me.

Anonymous said...

Hackett visited Towanda yesterday and failed to talk about immigration. He said he agrees with Bush on just about everything. If he agrees with Bush's love for illegal immigrants he might as well quit his run for Congress NOW!!! This boy needs to re-focus his campaign, and FAST! Or else he needs to be running in a different congressional district.

Barry O'Connell said...

At this point I think Don Ely is the most credible candidate on the Republican side. Tom Marino looked like a good fit until he stepped back. Even Steve Cappelli looks stronger than anyone on the Republican side. I heard Steve was floating a trial balloon with Harrisburg lobbyists. Word was that the smart guys warned him off. Mr. Meuser looks good on paper but exploding wheelchairs and dead old timers are a liability. How will Meuser's brother and the others feel about the scrutiny that a campaign will bring.

As I add it up none of the Republicans in the race have got what it takes to unseat United States Congressman Chris Carney. Lt. Commander Carney is a highly respected Navel officer who has the respect of the men he served with. A close friend of mine served with Carney at the Pentagon and held him in the highest regard. Congressman Chris Carney is a good decent Christian family man and there is no hint of scandal. You can't beat a man like Chris Carney with no issues, no scandal and a bunch of nobodies. I remember when Allen Ertle had a chunk of that district in the old 17th. Like Carney he is a Democrat and he held the seat until he voluntarily give it up. Carney is Pro-God, Pro-Life, and Pro-Gun, just what is the problem besides his party?
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell
Former Republican State Committeeman from Lycoming County

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, Don Ely is not a viable candidate at all unless you are aiming for about 25% of the vote. He is a real lightweight and has a very poor presence. He would be a disaster as a congressional candidate. He ran for the state legislature many years ago and was destroyed by a Democrat in a 2-1 GOP district, if that helps you get a better grasp on him. Also, he was a lifelong public employee.

Anonymous said...

I highly, HIGHLY doubt that Hackett said he agreed stated that he agreed on just about everything with president Bush.
First of all, Bushs is a big government conservative, and through his actions, seemingly supports a stronger federal government. Hackett, in my mind seems quite the opposite in fact, with more libertarian/small government/jeffersonian leanings. This is evidenced by his 'let the states decide' views on abortion, gun control, the economy etc. I feel his only pro federal government leanings are in the case of immigration as addressed above, but who can disagree with that? Higher fences, wider gates, thats the key.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone vote for Hackett? His idea list reads like a carbon copy of Chris Carney - who is, after all, a republican in democrat clothing.

Anonymous said...

Carney is a full fleged Liberal.
Don't listen to him when he sais Hacket is Pro Choice and he is Pro Life. That is a absolute lie. It is entirely reverse.
Carney has a 100% Pro Choice raiting from Nancy Plosocy.