Sunday, September 09, 2007

Quick hits

So many stories I wanted to blog about this week but the combination of my schedule (I work nights and get home around 2AM) and a remodeling project at home has eaten up my time.

Batman (Bob Kadluboski )is on trial for ramming a car he was chasing after a stabbing incident. Not the first time he's done something like this. More here.

A push poll in the Luzerne County commissioners race. The Republicans deny they did it and the Dems won't admit to it.

Kanjo says the Cornerstone thing is old news. The story will not go away.

Plains has money to burn thanks to the slots. Some want a property tax cut but the Supervisors are being cautious. I agree.

The witch hunt of Judge Lokuta continues.

The Lackawana County Commissioners race got more interesting with baseball Bob 's best friend getting busted by the FBI.

Homer Simpson once asked " if we don't have immigrants who will play shortstop or kick our extra points?"

The latest O'Brien/Washo ad:


Anonymous said...

there are too many clips of them wearing the same thing

Anonymous said...

thank you mr. fashion critic.

I see them wearing at least 4 or 5 different outfits.

what was your point again?

Anonymous said...

yeah and two of thwm they looked like twins, other than that it was nice add. not everyone who read this site takese everything serious all the time

Anonymous said...

Nice apron Mike.