Saturday, September 29, 2007

He's such a tease

Please tell me it's true.

GrassrootsPA found this tidbit that speculates that Rick Santorum is considering a run for Governor of Pennsylvania in 2010. What a gift that would be to the blogosphere and columnists in the papers. The great mentioner has also plugged him for UN Ambassador, Attorney General and in real fit of delusion even a Supreme Court nominee, among other posts.

My fellow bloggers wasted no time commenting on such an endeavor.

Pennsyltucky Politics

First he'd have to move back to Pennsylvania

The inevitable press releases and stories can almost write themselves. There's the cyber school controversy in which Pennsylvania taxpayers footed the bill to educate his kids while living in Virginia. The residency issue alone will fill enough newspaper stories to kill a decent size forest. President Bush won't be in office, but there will no doubt be plenty of reminders of his unyielding loyalty to the unpopular president, the Iraq war and calling former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld a great leader. There's his role in the K Street Project.
Oh, we could go on...

Capitol Ideas points out that Santorum... now makes his living scaring people to death for a right-wing think-tank...Some, however, were spinning it as the beginning of a comeback tour that'll probably last longer than The Eagles.

The Pennsylvania Progressive:

Santorum doesn't seem to grasp how disliked he is in Pennsylvania. Perhaps if he lived here the last numerous years he'd have a clue. Of course he'd have to abandon his nice digs in Virginia and relocate to the Keystone State to even qualify.

Even my friends over at the PAWatercooler are skepticle.

... Rick was smeared so viciously by the far-left over the past four years that a huge majority of Pennsylvanians voted against him in 2006. Let’s face facts - most people who pulled the lever for Casey in November weren’t voting for Casey; they were voting against Santorum. And they voted against him largely because of nonsense spread by the far-left pro-aborts and shameless radical homosexuals who are apparently incapable of honesty. If Rick does run for Governor, I will gladly support him, but realistically speaking, I can’t see the people of PA voting for him any time soon...

However, I do think that Rick would make an excellent presidential candidate.

Speaking for the "the far-left pro-aborts and shameless radical homosexuals" that comprise the 59% of Pennsylvanians that voted against Santorum I think he hung himself in the last election. The old rule of politics is that challengers don't win elections but incumbents lose them. I think he would make a great Presidential candidate because he says what is on his mind and that would be refreshing.


David Yonki said...

It can happen. Pennsyvania has its 8 year cycle and I can see a Santorum candidacy playing very well in the center of the state. John Heinz' intention was to run for Governor in 1994 before he was killed in that helipcopter crash.Despite that terrible 06 effort, Santorum would be formidable.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to note that Santorum's defeat (along with Virginia's George Allen) last fall has had an impact on the Republican presidential race; the party's base was banking on either Santorum or Allen to ride the white horse to the white house in victory. Now they are left with a group of either bores, has beens, b movie stars or (ouch!) liberals who support gay rights and abortion on demand. Wow, how much a difference 8 years makes.

Anonymous said...

I'm angrier than a one armed man in a charade's contest that the Commie who writes this site can't just up and leave a fine man like our Sainted Sen. Santorum alone!!! Everyone knows that the leftys (no doubt under the direction of George "Hillary give me a Cabinet post!" Soros) rigged the voting machines last year so that every vote that went for Santorum was registered with Bob "Did the Kremlin call?" Casey. It's an old trick--I think Mao Tse Tung used it to get elected. But let me tell all you Che GUevara worshipping heathens out there that it will be a great day for Pennsylvania and the Country when our pagan Governor is replaced by our Sainted Governor Rick Santorum!!! Deal with it you Commie freaks!!! I hate you all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just to correct you on one thing - 59% of PA isn't far-left, pro-abortion radical homosexuals - but probably 59% of the PA media is, and 90% of the left side of the blogosphere is. I know many people who don't like Santorum, but who have no idea why. Well, it's simple - the endless smear jobs. Every liberal in the country wanted Santorum out of office, and the reason why is that he was the best anti-abortion leader in the Senate. That's really all there is to it. Everything else is either a lie or a trumped up non-issue.